Unique Melody Miracle: 6-driver custom in-ear monitor bliss

When In Manila, there was a previous post I created regarding getting my own custom in-ear monitors, link is below this article if you wanna check it out. That was actually my fitting for the Unique Melody Miracle, Unique Melody‘s flagship custom in-ear monitor that houses not just one driver, not just two, not even three or four. It houses SIX BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERS!!! By those specs alone, hell was I eager to get them! After a painful wait of 7 weeks, exactly just how they said it will take longest, I finally had them in my arms *tears*. Now I’m here to tell you about my 1st custom in-ear monitor experience, as well as the full review of the Unique Melody Miracle.


The Experience: So after getting word from Unique Melody Philippines head RJ Adan that my monitors have finally arrived, we set-up a schedule on when I will meet him for the customs. It’s cool how they personally meet you locally with the local ambassadors to help you out on the custom in-ears, as well as how you are fully assured of the quality of your piece. They won’t hand it to you if it meets less than their standard quality. Moving on, we met-up and Doc RJ introduced me into the world of custom in-ears. This will be my first shot at putting on a custom monitor. I had to hook the cables onto my ears just like the standard over-ear type of in-ears, and I had to plug the Unique Melody Miracle while it was pointing downwards, then I had to twist it into place. The first try was pretty weird and uncomfortable, but after giving it a few additional tries, I quite got how the fit feels. Although for the first couple of days they really did feel as if they were breaking-in and molding to my ears, but after a week, I got the hang of wearing them and the comfort settled in very very nicely.


Packaging: I don’t have to go into detail with the build since they are a 10/10 on build quality and craftsmanship. Gorgeous to boot! The design I wanted was executed perfectly and even better than I had expected. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves later on. Going to the packaging, I am extremely glad that the packaging was revamped. The old packaging that I saw on the internet and also according to Doc RJ was… *insert explicit word*… yeah… But with the new packaging, it felt very prestigious by the accessories included in the package. There was a Unique Melody paper weight inside that was just beautiful and so ego-satisfying to show-off on my desk, a VIP card which is printed on metal, and also the case for the monitors and the cables. Very well packed and the packaging itself was very well designed and patterned very uniform to the gorgeous site of Unique Melody. From the old mediocre packaging, to this very cool and classy new packaging, that is a 2 thumbs up to the Unique Melody team! 



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