Unique Bisyo: A Watch Hunter’s Paradise

Unique Bisyo

The wristwatch, an accessory that goes as far back as the 16th century, was initially worn by women. Four hundred years in the future, though, technology kicked in. And so in this era of smartphones and instant information, it has become a rather unique thing to see people buy and wear classic wristwatches that are probably older than they are.

Unique Bisyo

Located at an unmarked store on the 2nd floor of Makati Cinema Square, Unique Bisyo started out when Attorney Butch decided to rent the place so that he and his buddies could have a place to hang out and do something. The shelves in the store took their notice, and so eventually, they decided to renovate the place. Unique Bisyo came to its own and, soon, they began to stockpile stuff to sell.

Unique Bisyo

Unique Bisyo

The interesting thing here is that they decided not to sell new stuff, but relegated to selling some unique and rare time pieces. Breitling Chronograph, Blancpain Flyback, and a Heuer (predecessor of Tag Heuer) Silverstone are just some of the unique find you can see here.


Unique BisyoThe legendary Seiko 62mas, known as Seiko’s first diver’s watch can be had in the range of PHP 20,000

Unique BisyoMarine Miltare, an homage to Panerai can be had for PHP 8,800

Unique BisyoOne of Atty Butch’s recent catch, the Omega Teutonic for PHP 80,000

Unique BisyoDeep Blue divers. They do have quite a collection of Deep Blue dive watches. Even though it uses a Swiss quartz movement, the white ceramic bezel is worth checking out.

Unique BisyoConsignments are welcome as well. You might catch one of these rare and popular Seiko Divers 50th Anniversary Edition

Unique BisyoVarious “new-old stock” Rayban sunglasses

Unique BisyoOr if you are one of those collectors, some old license plates.

So…why get an expensive time piece that could be older than you? A man can only have a few choices when it comes to jewelry, and a suitable timepiece can always enhance your look–plus make you feel good.

Aside from being practical and useful, wearing the right watch can give out an impression of taste and style. Better looking than a smart watch, more convenient in telling the time than your mobile phone (which is always in your pocket anyway), and a celebration of craftsmanship; it is time for the modern man to go back to basics and get a proper wristwatch.

So you got your first diver’s watch and don’t know what to do? How about learn to dive! A Basic Guide to Learning Freediving in Panglao


Unique Bisyo

2nd Floor, Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City