Understanding the Monsters of “Sweet Home”

To say that I fell in love with the Korean series ‘Sweet Home’ when it was released is a total understatement. I ended up posting about the ‘Sweet Home’ cast and where you’ve seen them before, and even tried to explain the ending and make sense of it. However, it isn’t until recently that I finally decided to read the webtoon that the series is based on (and it took me a while to finish because I’m kuripot and didn’t want to spend money to read it all in one go hehe), and I finally have a better understanding of the monsters in their universe.

I might just be slow; but apparently, the monsters are born from people’s deepest desires. I know they mentioned this in the show but I think I was too immersed in other things (i.e. the handsomeness of Lee Do-hyun) to really grasp the idea when I was watching it. Basically, whatever it is that you want the most… if you turn into a monster, it’ll have something to do with that desire. That’s why the bald dude became a hella hairy monster and the woman who lost her baby became a harmless baby monster, etc. etc.

Here are some of the other monsters in the show to look back on and why they became what they became (sorry, that sounded complicated):

The Blind Monster

Sweet Home Blind Monster

Photo from Netflix

Okay, this guy threw me for a loop when I was watching the show. Why would anyone wish to be blind, right? The more important clue here is how he’s constantly complaining and whining, and wanting to kill, kill, killllll. See, The Blind Monster wasn’t actually blind, to begin with. He got his head sliced off in battle. However, as a human, he was an alcoholic who really, really, reeeeeally hated his boss. He is also known as The Lotus Root monster because the rest of his head resembles a lotus root.

The Tentacles Monster

SweetHome Tentacles Monster

Photo from Netflix

Man. The scene with this monster was so good, I watched it five times… but mostly coz Lee Si-young is my ultimate fitspiration. We see this monster crawling creepily through vents and on walls. If you’re scared of spiders, you wouldn’t want to encounter this monster… ever. Why is it called The Tentacle Monster when it doesn’t have actual tentacles? Well, in the webtoon, this monster starts off with tentacles and appears to be a man who wants to eliminate the threats in his life. Since he is smart, he eventually figures out how to “level up” as a monster, so to speak, turning his tentacles into the hard and creepy spider legs we see in the show.

The Protein Monster

Sweet Home Protein Monster

Photo from Netflix

Ahhh. If I were to become a monster, I would probably become this one. Also known as The Steroid Monster, it’s not hard to figure out what this giant, muscular monster’s desire was: to gain more muscles. Being made of pure muscle, this monster is strong and durable. You wouldn’t want to get in his way – that’s for sure!

The Tongue Monster

Sweet Home Tongue Monster

Photo from Netflix

This monster has an extremely long, retractable tongue that it uses to grab victims and suck out their insides. Unfortunately, not much is seen or told about this monster in the webtoon… but with that tongue… well, we’ll leave it up to your imagination. :p

The Eyeball Monster

Sweet Home Eyeball Monster

Photo from Netflix

We don’t learn much about this monster in the webtoon, either, since it lived outdoors and got killed off pretty quickly. However, given its stalking-like tendencies, it’s safe to say it might have been a stalker or a peeping tom when it was human? Watchu think?

So, did this make you want to rewatch ‘Sweet Home’ yet? Coz I definitely know what I’ll be doing tonight! :p

Here’s a cool featurette on the ‘Sweet Home’ monsters that you can watch, too (if you haven’t yet):

Which show are you binge-watching at the moment?

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