‘Sweet Home’ Ending Explained: Theories and Questions About Season 1

Yes, I said ‘Season 1’. Although there is no confirmation of ‘Sweet Home’ being renewed on Netflix for another season yet, and although they could technically just end the series where they ended it; I am very hopeful given the hype and positive feedback from viewers so far… and I loved it so much, I WANT MORE.

SPOILERS AHEAD… obviously.

‘Sweet Home’ Ending Explained: Theories and Questions About the Ending of Season 1

Why doesn’t Hyun-soo remember anything that happened during his monster transformation?

It isn’t clear why; but it seems that after turning into a monster, Hyun-soo has no recollection of what happened while he was a monster. He doesn’t seem to remember killing Du-sik, though he cries as he says this. I have no explanation for this so far, but I am currently reading the Webtoon and will edit this article if I find any plausible explanations. If you already know the answer, PLEASE TELL ME.

Sweet Home Korean Drama Netflix Eun hyuk

Why does Eun-hyuk ditch the escape squad?

I don’t know if this is just me but it didn’t really feel like Eun-hyuk did all that much to save Hyun-soo or stop him from walking out into the firing squad. However, since we see his nose bleeding as things fall apart around him, it is possible that he realized he was turning into a monster himself and wanted to stop that from happening.

Another workmate of ours theorizes that he felt guilty that a lot of people died under his leadership so he simply decided to give up on life altogether because of it. She also theorizes that the way out had been blocked by the time he ran back to escape so he just accepted his fate.

Either way, showing his nose bleeding near the end and not actually showing him die may also signify that he could be back in Season 2 (if there is a Season 2… again: no confirmation yet!). I really hope he’ll be back if ever, though… Eun-hyuk was my favorite character!

Sweet Home Korean Drama Netflix Yi kyeong

What is Yi-kyeong’s mission?

Once the escape squad, well… escapes… they are surrounded by the military. While the rest of the squad gets on a truck to wherever it is the military will be taking them (hopefully somewhere safer!), Yi-kyeong dons a military outfit, presumably to deal with the ‘work she has to do’, i.e. to bring Hyun-soo back to the military dudes. Cryptic, but it sounds like she’ll definitely be playing a bigger part in future seasons. Yahsssss! I’m super hopeful, okay? :p Yi-kyeong also takes that mysterious suitcase with her. What is in that suitcase??!?

How is Sang-wook alive?

I’m not sure how this escaped my mother, but as you should know, Wooi-myung’s “power” as a monster is to turn into goo and take over a person’s body. Since Wooi-myung escaped the building in a tank and Sang-wook died, it is safe to say that this is Wooi-myung in Sang-wook’s body. It is also important to note that all of Sang-wook’s facial burn scars were miraculously gone in that scene, so that is definitely not the Sang-wook we all know and love anymore. Better be careful, Hyun-soo! Also: there seems to be an unconscious or dead person in the passenger seat… but I have no idea who that could be. Another one of their kind? Wooi-myung’s original body? Yi-kyeong’s lost husband? Eun-hyuk? Who is it???

Where are all of the monsters that were outside?

It seems that things have changed a lot in the outside world since the episodes when we could see a bunch of monsters walking around. Why this happened is still unclear. Did the military take care of them? Did they die out on their own? Have they migrated and if they did, why would they? LOL.

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I am currently reading the Webtoon with hopes of getting better answers, but if you already have them, I would love to hear them! Also, would you like to see a second season of ‘Sweet Home’ or are you happy with how it ended? Geek out with meeeee!

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