The Ultimate Outdoor Bucket List for You and Your Barkada

Are you sick of always hanging out in the same places in the city? Same old coffee shop? Same old mall? There certainly are times when we feel that we need to get out of the concrete jungle that is Manila, pack our bags, go somewhere and be at one with the nature. Outdoor activities are, of course, a thousand times more fun if you do it with your barkada, though! If you’re looking for #squadgoals for you and your barkada, here are some suggestions:

5. Surf Together

Philippine Surfing Academy

There are so many reasons why it’s worth all the time and effort to go out of town and go surfing with friends. Since the Philippines boasts of the most thrilling surfing destinations, why not bring your whole barkada to La Union or Baler to give surfing a try? What better way to share a laugh with your whole barkada than in your less elegant moments the first few times you all ride a surfboard and get wiped out by the waves?

Philippine Surfing Academy

Actually, you don’t even have to go outside Metro Manila just to have a taste of surfing. Your barkada can try surfing the wave pool at Club Manila East, which is just 30 minutes away from Ortigas (via Ortigas extension).

4. Sail Together


If your barkada is looking for a new adventure, how fancy and exciting does sailing sound like? What most people don’t know is that sailing is very social and sporty, too!

Relax in style as you and your friends board a sailboat in Taal Lake Yacht Club or you can also contact the Philippine Sailing Association who can give you assistance on how you can try out sailing.

3. Do Yoga Together

Early morning yoga with Monica Manzano_WIM Logo

Yoga outdoors? Yes, you can! While there are already a lot of yoga studios in Metro Manila, sometimes it’s also nice to do yoga outdoors for a change of scenery. Get together with your BFF’s, fill your lungs with fresh air and leave the aircon behind as you work on your breathing techniques either under the trees or beside the ocean.

Be on the lookout for Flow Yoga Retreats, so you and your friends can enjoy some long stretches, meditate and breathe in some fresh air in the best locations.

2. Go Camping/ Glamping Together

Glamping 2

Sleeping outdoors is always an adventure. You and your friends can have sleepovers in tents with nature as your backdrop as you are surrounded by the sea, the mountains and the trees. If you don’t really have time to go out of town, though, you can try camping in your own backyard instead


On the other hand, if you don’t want to sacrifice on comfort, you can always try out glamping, a.k.a. Glamorous Camping, where your tent is complete with cozy mattresses, pillows, blankets, a night lamp and even toiletries. Try Nurture Wellness Village’s glamping package, which will provide you and your BFF’s with everything from the tent to the firewood to your bonfire dinner.

1. Go Hiking/Mountaineering Together

Are you a newbie hiker who’s clueless on how to start hiking? There are many recommended mountains around the country that are very newbie-friendly! All you need is your pair of shoes and your water bottle.

You’ll be surprised with the number of life lessons that mountains can teach you.

Taipei Trip - Elephant Mountain (2)

Whichever outdoor activity you choose to do with your friends, don’t forget to bring your must-have’s when travelling. The three things that definitely have to be in my backpack when travelling are my power bank, my scarf and my peel-and-pop anti-histamine (Claritin Reditabs, no water needed!) since I am very allergic to a lot of things.

No matter the weather, we hope you can find a great activity for your barkada outdoors. Be inspired by nature and have fun, too!

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Do you have other recommended outdoor bonding activities for a barkada trip? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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