Trying out Sailing at the Taal Lake Yacht Club

Before they got married, I asked my friends Paul and Ella to come with me on a sailing class at the Taal Lake Yacht Club. I’m definitely making good on one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year, that is to try out more unusual activities. When in Manila, and you’re getting a bit bored of city activities (like I was), you might want to stretch your legs out a bit and head on for a short drive to Taal Lake Batangas.


Upon arriving, we were greeted by a magnificent view of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake. Before venturing out hands-on onto the water to try out sailing, we were first given a quick class as an introduction into sailing terms, techniques and a bit of sailing history. We were fortunate enough to have the class presided by Mr. Peter Capotosto, the owner.



okay we posed for a bit before the class, because we found this throttle. (me and my friend Ella [the one on the left])

Don’t worry, the class wasn’t boring at all and he explained it simply enough for us to understand even if we had no background at all with sailing.



The recommended attire for sailing would be shorts and a light colored shirt. Clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting wet in case the wind will be so strong that your boat tips over (it wasn’t a gale when we sailed so lucky us). If you also have aqua shoes, it’s best to bring them along too, otherwise slippers are just fine. Put on sunblock because you’ll be out there in the sun and you have to protect your skin. Bring along a hat and a pair of inexpensive pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.




It was a whole lot different putting what we’ve learned into practical use once we’re out there in the water. It was a scramble to remember the concepts discussed but not to worry because Peter was right there with us the whole time too. Out there in the water, it’s easy to relate why so many people are into the sport of sailing. Out there, you really feel free.

It’s ideal that you go sailing in the morning but when you do find yourself being there close to lunch time, you can bring your own lunch or you can order from the resident cook of the place. We ordered a feast and got full tummies in return. The lunch was just oh so good. We ordered Filipino favorites such as grilled squid, chopsuey, lumpiang sariwa and crispy pata. I know, I know it was quite a spread.





The experience was one that will always be memorable. Remember, the sailing classes do depend on the wind and since we went there during summer, the wind wasn’t that strong. However come the latter part of the year, it can be quite challenging for beginners like me and my friends. However, I strongly encourage¬† you to try it out for yourself. The sailing class was truly a unique experience.



Talisay Batangas, Philippines, Talisay, PH.
(043) 773 0192



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