“Twisted Flan” Flavored Lecheflans: a Great Gift Idea this Christmas!

Twisted FlanTwisted Flan’s Blueberry Lecheflan looked so good, I took a bite before taking the photo!

Having grown up with a sweet tooth, I’ve become accustomed to devouring one sweet treat from another—from your everyday chocolate bars to luscious desserts that are definitely worth spending on. Be that as it may, I had yet come across that one treat that has kept me coming back for more. Until I took a bite of Twisted Flan’s flavored lecheflans.

You read it right, flavored lecheflans. As if the classic Filipino dessert wasn’t delicious enough, Antipolo-based home baker Candice Golino decided to take the classic up a notch and came up with Blueberry, Strawberry, Yema, Cream Cheese, and, my favorite, Red Velvet lecheflan. Twisted Flan’s desserts all seem to beckon at you with a question: “Are you ready for this?”

Twisted Flan Zooming in on my favorite flavor. Look at that delicious layer of Red Velvet goodness.

Twisted Flan Twisted Flan’s Strawberry Lecheflan is perfect for “afternoon tea” with the girls.

You see, with Twisted Flan’s Red Velvet lecheflan, the custard is smooth and silky. It even melts in your mouth. But just below all that sinfully delicious goodness is a reasonably thick layer of Red Velvet that adds a whole new dimension of flavor to an already drool-worthy treat. The same can be said about the Blueberry and Strawberry lecheflans, though, unlike the Red Velvet, the two were instead drizzled heavily with Blueberry and Strawberry syrup and fruits as opposed to adding a flavored layer.

As for the Cream Cheese lecheflan, it comes off as a normal looking lecheflan, but once you bite into it, the difference is quite obvious! A bit heavier and creamier than a normal lecheflan, I’d have to say that the Cream Cheese lecheflan comes second to Twisted Flan’s Red Velvet. In fact, come Christmas season, these are the two flavors I look forward to giving out as gifts to family and friends.

Twisted Flan Twisted Flan’s Yema lecheflan topped with cheesy goodness.

Twisted Flan Twisted Flan’s Cream Cheese lecheflan: Creamier than usual, but still incredibly delicious.

I’ve grown weary of battling it out on the road and in the malls when it comes to looking for the perfect Christmas gift, only to be disappointed with gift choices that I know I could’ve done better with. With Twisted Flan, I’m guaranteed a slam dunk as not only are the treats well-packaged and pleasing to the eyes, but they’re sure to tickle the recipients’ taste buds and put a smile on their faces.

After all, Twisted Flan in itself is quite a unique treat. I mean, how many people do you know serve flavored lecheflans? I can guarantee you that this one-of-a-kind dessert will be worth the bucks. Based on experience, I wanted to eat all the flavors given to me, but my mom saw me attacking them and saved the Yema-flavored lecheflan for the rest of the family. It was that good. So good that when you put it in the fridge, you’re gonna have to to put a “DO NOT EAT EVERYTHING” note on it. Just as a reminder.

What are you waiting for? Check out Twisted Flan’s Facebook page today and place your orders! You won’t regret it. Unless…you end up eating everything you ordered for your friends. But even then, you can just order again. 😉


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