Truedan: Authentic Taiwanese Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Lands in BGC

Milk tea padin sa 2020! Whoever attempts the “no milk tea consumption” as part of their guilt-free New Year’s resolutions just might fail to achieve that one. Not now at least when there are more chances to get tempted than ever – in malls, bazaars, schools, in front of your office, delivery applications, or even when you get friends on a milk tea run buy one for you, too.

To those who hope to clamp down on their milk tea addiction, we think your diet can wait. Try this one first and then decide if saying goodbye forever would make this year a regretful and pearl-less one.

I like big cups and I cannot lie

Truedan, formerly known as Jenjudan until their 10th year anniversary rebranding, has landed in the Philippines! The iconic brown sugar milk tea chain opened in Bonifacio Global City where peeps just can’t get enough of milky sips. The boba gods have blessed us with this authentic beverage hailing from the land of bubble tea itself.

They concoct the cold pick-me-upper with the warmest of Taiwan craftmanship. By using only fresh ingredients and house-made brown sugar sans additives and preservatives, they are renowned as one of the best Brown Boba Milk teas in Taiwan and have been awarded a 2-star Anti Additive by the Anti Additive Association.

Brown sugar boba in all its glazed glory is made from scratch with the recipe only known by the owner and his wife.

The unequivocal formula for a drink that millennials go gaga over is a blend of milk, tea, and tapioca pearls. Truedan offers this addicting trio in a variety of flavors with the common denominator absolute – slow-cooked pearls caramelized to the perfect chew.

They import all of their ingredients from Taiwan. To make the experience even more authentic, their traditional techniques were taught by Taiwanese milk tea masters (yes, there is such a thing!). With attention to the most favorable milk + tea + pearls ratio, they preserve the harmony between the ingredients, which is what made them well-loved around the world.

(L-R) Brown Sugar Bubble Milk , Thai Style Milk Tea with Bubble, Brown Sugar Milk Bubble with Cream Cheese & Oreo

They introduced an assortment of high-grade drinks that we could slurp all day. It was love at first sip! We weren’t overwhelmed by sweetness unlike with other milk teas. The silky milk, fresh tea, and charcoal flavor of the boba balances out the taste. It’s really easy to finish a cup until the last pearl.

Milk and brown sugar boba? Bes-teas.

Their signature Brown Sugar Milk with Taro is tea-riffic! The lavender color backs up their claim of being additive-free. All of the fiber and vitamins jam-packed in natural taro are retained. For this one, we can do without the boba since the consistency is already as thick and as chunky as pudding.

Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?

Brown sugar flavors dominate the menu, but they also have dairy-free and low-caffeine alternatives. Their Taiwanese Fruit Tea with large fruit slices is soul-refreshing and health-tea, of course!

The intriguing interiors are inspired by Old Chinese and Asian design. You’ll be enveloped in earthly elements with coats of brown, gray, and white. Allusions to nature are present in the textured tables and chairs. Bring a confidante, order your creamy cup of choice, and find your sanctuary within the traditional furnish of the place.

This year and forever, you deserve good things (like bubble tea). Cheers to taking breaks and to rewarding yourself! Cheers with milk tea, half-sugar, and additional brown sugar boba!


3F, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, BGC, Taguig

11AM – 10PM


Instagram: @truedanphilippines


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