There’s Now a Mobile App to Help You Track Your Milk Tea Expenses

Calling all milk tea lovers: this mobile app might be something you need to download ASAP.

A group of self-confessed Boba Addicts named Ryan Yang, Alexander Chen, and Callista Wu shared their innovation which they called “Boba Watch” to the widely popular Facebook Group “Subtle Asian Traits” (SAT).

Boba Watch is a simple app that helps you easily track how much you buy and drink milk tea. All you have to do is log onto your Facebook account and set your monthly spending or milk tea limit (or not, if you just want to show off how obsessed you really are with boba).

Boba Watch 2

Every time you buy a drink, you just have to add an entry and input all the details asked of you. Then, the app takes note of it and shows you your running balance.

Boba Watch 3

Boba Watch 5

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There’s even a chart that will show you the time of day you frequently purchase milk tea.

Boba Watch 7

According to the three developers, who were all college students, they created this app not to profit from it but to just provide milk tea lovers an easier way to record their drink consumption.

“A bunch of people on SAT were posting how much money they spent on boba each month, but they were just writing it down on paper and posting a picture of that,” Alexander told NextShark. “We thought it would be way more visually appealing and enjoyable to keep track of your expenses in an app and be able to share it digitally.”

You can even use it to track your consumption of other drinks as well, like juice and iced coffee.

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Boba Watch is available for download on desktop and mobile.

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