Truck Bun: Your One-Stop Food Truck for Hearty Grub at Cucina Andare



When in Manila, eating is practically secondary to breathing. It is then no wonder that food markets are so well received, as Filipinos are more adventurous with their food than anything. One of the food markets I’ve come to frequent these days, Cucina Andare, is the first food truck market in the country. This quirky lineup of food trucks parked right outside Glorietta gives a new meaning to dining out, and happens to be where I’ve found my current sandwich fix. (Photos by Hannah Adriano)










Truck Bun at Cucina Andare

Joining the mish-mash of food trucks at the Cucina Andare is Truck Bun, a concession run by siblings Viktor and Andrei Aquino, Truck Bun offers a smorgasbord of sandwiches inspired by various cuisines from around the world. Truck Bun puts a delicious spin your favorite paella, tapsilog, sisig, and even kani salad and transforms them into delicious and filling sandwiches and wraps; sounds like an enticing foodie adventure, eh?



Born out of a sheer fascination with shows on Food Network, Truck Bun was created to bring to life the mouth-watering dishes Viktor and Andrei saw on TV. And to add novelty to their already unique sandwiches, they thought of preparing and serving their meals straight from a food truck like those in the U.S.




In my opinion, Truck Bun perfectly hits two birds with one stone, as they offer new and exciting dishes in the form of something as conventional as sandwiches and wraps. If you thought sandwiches couldn’t get any more interesting, then that’s where you’re wrong.

Check out the awesomely hearty grub Hannah and I got to try out at Truck Bun on the next page!