Truck Bun: Your One-Stop Food Truck for Hearty Grub at Cucina Andare



Hannah and I got try some of Truck Bun’s best-selling sandwiches and wraps, and found ourselves mumbling garbled phrases of delight and awe in between mouthfuls of chewing. They were all so good! Here’s the lowdown on what we had from Truck Bun:


BBQ Pulled Pork Bun – Truck Bun’s slow roasted and flaked hickory barbecued pork shoulder on a soft bun topped with triple cabbage slaw and sweet corn kernels. The strong and punchy flavor of the pork shoulder floss mixed with the crunchy cabbage slaw definitely makes it worth the slaw dressing mess.


Crispy Sisig Wrap – crispy pork sisig with tofu, egg, chili sauce, lettuce and tomato salsa. Who knew that wrapping sisig in flat bread would be such a good idea? Truck Bun’s salty and creamy sisig/egg combination practically melts in your mouth; it’s a good thing the Truck Bun guys piled on a heap of sisig stuffing!


Satay Chicken Wrap – satay chicken served with Vermicelli and Capsicum salad with baby romaine. Now this is an absolute must-try! The chicken strips had an even coating of intense Indian spices that penetrated well into the meat, and provided for quite a party of tastes and textures in your mouth with the Vermicelli noodles.


Truck Bun Japadog – Inspired by Canada’s favorite new street food is a hotdog wrapped in Nori on a soft bun with Wasabi mayo, pork floss, Japanese pickled vegetables and Ebiko. This might just be Truck Bun’s most adventurous sandwich yet; this sandwich packs a mean punch and introduces an entirely unexpected combination of flavors! After biting into the sandwich and getting a taste of the Nori, Ebiko and Wasabi mayo, you’d think you were biting into sushi, until you bite into the familiar taste of… wait, is that… a hotdog?! I don’t know about you guys, but the Truck Bun Japadog Sandwich had us doubting our sense of taste while marveling at how well hotdogs and Japanese elements complement each other. Definitely something the more adventurous taste buds would go for!


I love that Truck Bun’s sandwiches and wraps are inspired by tastes and cuisines from all four corners of the globe, compressed into unconventional sandwich versions. And is a nice place to start for those wanting to try something new without straying too far from their taste buds’ comfort zone. I can’t wait to try their Pinoy Big Breakfast Wrap and their Grilled Gambas and Paella Wrap next time!

So When in Manila and roaming around Cucina Andare for some great eats, drop by Truck Bun for some uniquely delicious grub!

Truck Bun Food Truck at Cucina Andare


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Truck Bun: Your One-Stop Food Truck for Hearty Grub at Cucina Andare


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