Traffic Enforcer Sells “Kakanin” to Motorists

Traffic Enforcer Sells “Kakanin” to Motorists



A video of a traffic enforcer selling “kakanin” (or rice cakes) to motorists is going viral online. The video taken by Tosmags and sent to GMA News Online’s YouScoop segment is gaining popularity due to the traffic enforcer’s amusing way of making extra money.


From the video, the traffic enforcer can be seen offering “kakanin” to motorists on an SUV while stopped at a gas station along EDSA. The “kakanin” are placed in a large basket-like case installed on his motorcycle. It appears that the motorists inside the SUV were his customers because he can be seen immediately running to his motorcycle to get the “kakanin” that he was selling.

According to Tosmags, the “kakanin” the traffic enforcer was selling were prepared by his wife. Furthermore, the sender of the video emphasizes that the traffic enforcer was polite to his customers and other motorists.

This amusing way of making money by selling “kakanin” to motorists gained different reactions from netizens who saw the video.

Some complimented him for what he was doing and said that it was better than accepting bribes to earn extra cash. He was commended for this honest way of earning money on top of his salary.

However, some mentioned that though this is a good means to earn, he shouldn’t be doing this while he’s on duty or while in uniform because he may seem intimidating to potential customers.


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Traffic Enforcer Sells “Kakanin” to Motorists