“Totoo Pala Ang Pag-Ibig” Cookies! – How I Found Love in a (Brownie-Stuffed) Cookie, Let Me Count the Ways



When in Manila, how many times has love let you down? How many jerks have screwed you over and left you in the dark? For every bitter/lonesome/heartbroken soul in the metro, I offer you a better, sweeter, and yummier alternative to all those heartbreakers and heartaches you’ve had to endure. No demands, no strings attached, no regrets! Here’s some highly valid reasons why you should trade in your current flames for “Totoo Pala ang Pag-Ibig” cookies, and find that one-of-a-kind love you deserve to experience!




5. They’ll never break up with you

Unlike people who’d hurt you, these cookies will never leave you for another lover. They’ll never cheat on you, lie to you, or fall out of love with you, thus saving you all the tears and pain you’re likely to get otherwise. Sounds like a great relationship to me.




4. They’re incredibly sweet

And not in the way that requires lies, flattery and sugarcoating! These confections are genuinely sweet, choc full of chocolate chips and sugar. If their sugary goodness won’t make you fall for them, I don’t know what will.




3. They’re full of surprises!

Surprise! These aren’t just any type of cookie, they’re brownie-stuffed cookies! We all know that an occasional surprise is crucial in making a relationship last, and with every bite offering the surprise of brownie-cookie goodness, I can definitely see this relationship going long-term.




2. Their love don’t cost a thing!

I know, I know, dates are costly, Valentines is costly, and anniversaries are costly. Spoiling and appeasing an upset boyfriend/girlfriend can break the bank unlike any other.  These cookies, however, cost only PHP350 a box! With 6 plump, brownie-stuffed cookies in it! I always knew love comes at a price, but if it comes this cheap, it is one I am willing to pay.




1. With them, #mayforever

Finished up your delectable box of “Totoo Pala ang Pag-Ibig” brownie-stuffed cookies? Don’t sulk in a corner; it doesn’t have to end this way! Just order another box by filling out the form on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Qrkn3gdVfItlNMI2ComcKKjwrkeOps9Qtwe0rHxITOA/viewform


There you have it, “Totoo Pala ang Pag-Ibig” cookies are charming, sweet, quite witty, and easy on the wallet! It’s everything you’ve been looking for in a lover and more! For all the non-believers, let me restore your faith in true love by leading you to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/totoopalaangpagibig


Much love! <3 <3 <3