Top Model Tyra Banks’ Mega Influence on Local Lifestyle Scene

Top Model Tyra Banks’ Mega Influence on Local Lifestyle Scene

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The Philippine’s premier fashion magazine, MEGA Magazine has once again taken the scene by storm as they unveiled the cover girl for the February and Anniversary issue, America’s Next Top Model producer and host, Tyra Banks.


The former Victoria’s Secret model is known best for being a godmother to aspiring Top Models, helping them turn their dreams to reality. Tyra has been influencing the fashion industry ever since she made her first strut on the catwalk as a supermodel. In our country alone, the vastness of her influence resonates on the personalities Filipinos look up to.


Some local personalities on their thoughts about Top Model Tyra Banks: 

Alli Harvard


Allison Harvard (America’s Next Top Model Finalist and Host of Mega Fashion Crew 3 Reloaded)

Tyra Banks is kind of like the Wizard of Oz. She has a wildly tremendous presence yet she manages to maintain a soft sense of mystery. I think it’s so wonderful how much of a positive influence she’s had on so many people over the years. I respect her a lot and a part of me will always want to make her proud.


Ingrid Chua Go


Ingrid Chua-Go (International Fashion Blogger, Host: Baghag Diaries on Starworld)

What is beauty by today’s standards? Tyra Banks has redefined it as she constantly empowers women by letting them see that “beauty” transcends one’s physical appearance, that one needs to look inward to be able to channel beauty outward. She sets a wonderful example for today’s youth especially in a society where physical “good looks” seems to carry more weight over other elements – like one’s character and talent.


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Kylie Padilla (Lead Star for ADARNA)

“One word comes to mind whenever the name Tyra Banks is mentioned – FIERCE! I was addicted to her show – America’s Next Top Model. I was so into it, so much that I aspired to be one. I would really study the way the contestants would project themselves, and I would really pay attention to the comments and take to heart the pieces of advice that Tyra would share in the show. I find it really helpful especially when I do photo shoots and pictorials”.

 Jing Monis



Jing Monis (Renowned Celebrity Hair Stylist, Owner, Jing Monis Salon)

An iconic personality, Tyra has been inspiring people from all over the world. I love her fierceness and how she shows the real beauty inside out.


Francis Libiran, Photo by Ash Reginald Evasco


Francis Libiran (World class designer and haute couture)

Tyra Banks has been an inspiration to everyone through her exceptional accomplishments in fashion. She has been a great influence in the fashion industry. When she coaches the contestants in her long-time running TV show, America’s Next Top Model, she sees to it that everyone learns valuable lessons from her. Not just the contestants, but for millions of her viewers as well. Through her daily tweets and posts on social media, you will surely get some useful tips about fashion.


Robby Carmona


Robby Carmona (Celebrated Fashion Director and Chairman of Saga Events)

Tyra Banks is a game changer. She inspires a lot of people. She is very true to herself and that’s what she imparts to everyone.



Patricia Prieto (Renowned beauty and fashion blogger and celebrated stylist)

“Tyra Banks is one of those women in the fashion industry that pretty much everyone can look up to. She’s got the beauty (obviously), the brains, the heart and that certain “X” factor that many wish they could have.”


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Top Model Tyra Banks’ Mega Influence on Local Lifestyle Scene