Top 5 Things to be Excited About Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014

Top 5 Things to be excited about Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014

WhenInManila  and you are planning to go to this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival on February 27 to March 3 for the first time, here are some of the things you should expect and be excited about:

1.       Breathtaking Venue

Malasimbo festival is being held in a natural amphitheatre at Mt. Malasimbo in Puerto Galera.  Overlooking is the Puerto Galera bay which is considered as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Maybe that is one of the catch, to enjoy the festival itself and feel the gift of nature. 


Natural amphitheater at Mt. Malasimbo

(photo from Malasimbo Festival)

malasimbo 6

Crowd at Malasimbo Festival 2013


 2.       Awesome Line-up of Musicians

This year’s line up is very exciting. It is more packed as the event will be running for five days. How is that? Five days of great music from a vast number of musicians from different parts of the world including some of our locals. It will be nights of jazz, reggae, acoustics and other genres. It will be great also to hear more alternative music from independent arists who joined the queue like Jose Gonzales, Filipino-blooded singers Mishka Adams and Low Leaf. So better be ready for so much fun and eargasmic live acts.


Jimmy Cliff Malasimbo Festival Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When in Manila-13

Jimmy Cliffe for Malasimbo Festival 2013


Line up of musicians and DJs for Malasimbo Festival 2013


 3.       Art installations

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival showcases eccentric and extreme arts from the roster of very talented visual artists. It is a setting for creativity and surrealism. There will be over 30 artists who will come and install their creations to the venue this year!


art installation at Malasimbo Festival 2013

1229842_797251336966974_904535634_n (1)

Line up of  visual artists for Malasimbo 2014


 4.       Witness culture

It is enthralling to see the native people of Puerto Galera and how they have preserved their culture. Its very interesting to encounter our Filipino brothers from Mangyan tribe and how they will divulge the richness of their own traditions to the visitors which are expected to be from different places and races. Indeed, Malasimbo amazed not just the locals but also the international community. This is also one good way to boost our country’s tourism.


Mangyan Tribe

(photo from Malasimbo Festival)


traditional written language of Mangyans called Ambahan

(photo from Malasimbo Festival)


5.       More Adventure

Since most of the hotels are almost fully-booked now, why not try camping at  Malasimbo? Sounds more exciting right?! Hammocks will definitely give you some indie-vibe. You can also bring your own tents.  


So WhenInManila and you do not have your tickets yet you might want to try joining our contest as we are giving away two(2)  3day-passes and four (4 ) 1day-passes to Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. We will be announcing winners on Saturday, February 22,2014. GOODLUCK!

CONGRATULATION! LANCE CHA for winning two (2) 3-day passes and MELODY CO for four (4) 1-day passes! We will email you details! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


February 27 – March 3





Top 5 Things to be Excited About Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014 


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