Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch League Of Gods

League of Gods is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese fantasy film directed by Koan Hui and Vernie Yeung. This movie is based on the novel Fengshen Bang (otherwise known as Investiture of the Gods during the 16th century) by Xu Zhonglin starring an ensemble cast of Jet Li, Tony Leung, Fan Bingbing and more! The director, Koan Hui, is known for his work on Hak Hap (1996), Time and Tide (2000), and The Blade (1995).

Thank you to Megaworld Corporation and Uptown Mall BGC for inviting us to watch the movie.

So why should you watch it?


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch League Of Gods

5. It’s a blockbuster hit in Hong Kong and China.

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If you are a fan of Chinese films or have ever watched Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this movie because it has the same theme of superheros with unique powers out to defeat the enemy. Of course, Chinese films don’t fall short of their famous martial arts moves, and dynasty plots (and of course English subtitles for people like us)!

4. It’s filled with action and humor.


The martial arts and moves in this movie are amazing! Ninjas flipping and doing stunts in the first half of the movie, the bald guy using his nunchucks to defeat an army of infantry of the Tyrannical king, and then Daji, the concubine with ‘eyed tails’ showcasing her insanely scary powers (which reminded me of Harry Potter) then releasing her secret technique called “reverse-aging curse”! Now that’s a new curse for the books!

There’s a funny side to the movie, too, and it comes in the form of a…. BABY! That’s right! The baby is actually a main character in the movie and he also has insane superpowers that – believe it or not! – can defeat a whole kingdom of under-the-sea creatures (Little Mermaid reference there) just by using his LEGEN… wait for it… DARY — FART AND PEE!  The crowd was left laughing the whole time.

3. The visuals, production design, set, and costumes are amazing!111


The beautifully crafted and well-thought-out costumes of the characters are showcased right from the start. The color gold always surfaces in Chinese movies, which may imply the importance of royalty and kingship. The gown of Daji is also really exquisite and their makeup is so elaborate. Throughout the movie, you’ll be hit with amazing graphics and visuals of mythical realms and insane sci-fi creatures!

2. Awesome superheroes and superpowers are showcased!


The poster reminds me so much about video games, X-MenSuicide Squad, and Justice League! Characters with their own unique set of powers and pick a favorite to master their moves. Heroes with six arms that use rings as weapons and fly around, a golden armored warrior who can earth-bend, a man who has the aspect to control electricity and later on fly, and a girl with a serious case of short term memory.

1. There’s a part two to look forward to!


I was surprised that the movie was already approaching the 2-hour mark, but the villain wasn’t yet dead yet. A blackout and credits then confirmed my assumption that there would be a part two! So wait for the credits to roll out cause there is a teaser for the part 2! So excited! Be sure to watch League of Gods when it hits movie theaters real soon!

Let us know what you think about the movie once you’ve watched it!