WATCH: Amazing First Glimpse of the Upcoming Justice League Movie

My timeline was recently filled with all things awesome, thanks to the San Diego Comic Con 2016 and today… today is the day to culminate all of that awesomeness what with the reveal of the trailers of the most-awaited DC movies. One of those trailers is the trailer of the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie. We already got a glimpse of the new characters to look forward to in the ‘Justice League’ movie through ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘, but this trailer is on a whole new level.

Before I rave too much about it, please watch the trailer first:


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this trailer at all, in my opinion. It shows every single character in just enough detail to leave us wanting more.

Justice League 1

First of all, I am ecstatic to see Ben Affleck back as Bruce Wayne – and with a beard! <3 While there were mixed reviews on Ben’s portrayal of Batman, I personally loved him and enjoyed seeing him in slightly lighter spirits in this trailer.

Justice League 2

And finally – more Jason Momoa footage as Aquaman! He looks absolutely bad-ass! Not exactly the Aquaman I’m used to, but I like it. I also like how I didn’t really see too much of Khal Drogo in him as I was afraid I might.

Justice League 3

Of course, there’s also the real star of BvS: Wonder Woman. As always, Gal Gadot looks stunning as Wonder Woman and her sexy accent never fails to make my spine tingle. Let’s hope she gets more screen time kicking butt in this one! And man, she’s pretty. I’m really hoping she hooks up with Batman at some point. :p

Justice League 4

The real hero of this trailer, though? Ezra Miller. So many of my friends have been skeptical of the casting of Ezra Miller as The Flash, but seeing him in this trailer really calmed my spirits. I love him and I believe I will love him as The Flash. He’s a great actor and I really think he will do the role justice.

Now that more footage of the characters have been revealed, what do you think? Do you think the cast will do their characters justice in the ‘Justice League’ movie? Share your thoughts with us!