Top 3 Japanese Restaurants in Manila: Best Sushi Sashimi Sake & Japanese Food in MNL


When In Manila, or anywhere in the world, you have to admit that Japanese food has definitely taken over! The sushi, sashimi, sake and all that yumminess is one that we all tend to crave every so often!


Well now, we’re totally going multi-cultural with you all! In partnership with Chinoy TV, the top Chinese Filipino TV show in the Philippines, here’s our choice of the Top Three Japanese Restaurants in Manila (in no particular order) as we were invited to be a guest host on their TV show!



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1. Nanbantei of Tokyo – A Different Japanese Experience


With branches originating from Tokyo (40 years old), Singapore, Shanghai, HongKong and Makati (14 years), Nanbantei of Tokyo now opens its doors in Manila!


WHEN IN MANILA, go to Nanbantei of Tokyo to thoroughly enjoy a memorable Japanese culinary experience; and, have a beer bucket for only Php 360 – best enjoyed with Nanbantei’s best seller platters.









2. Katsu Japanese Grill: Sake Cocktails and Yakitori Goodness at the Fort Strip


Katsu is yet another brainchild of the Bar Craft Concept group that is marketed as a Japanese beer garden. If you’re a lot like me and seeing the words sushi and beer automatically lit your eyes up, you’d definitely enjoy this place.


When in Manila, and looking for the perfect place to enjoy Japanese cuisine, delicious drinks, and a few burps and laughs with loved ones, visit Katsu — the refreshing new Japanese grill right in the heart of the growing commercial district in the metro.                               







Ma Maison Japanese Western Food


ma maison restaurant when in manila 5


3. Ma Maison Japanese Western Food: Have a great Japanese-Western Dining Experience


Ma Maison, French for “My Home”, adopts European country-style cuisine with distinct Japanese influences.


More than just a restaurant, Ma Maison’s ambience is warm and welcoming, it’s interiors reminiscent of a rustic cottage in the English countryside. With it’s wooden furniture and fixtures, floral tablecloths, and vintage wall hangings, its decor is tasteful, but unpretentious, just like it

s food.

The menu features dishes flavored with ingredients intrinsic in Japanese cooking (such as tofu, soybeans, soba noodles and rice), side by side with European and American specialties such as burgers, escargot and pasta.


With franchises all over Japan and Singapore, Ma Maison is a welcome place for many foodies to come home to, and the first of its kind in the Philippines.


WHEN IN MANILA and still undecided whether you want to go to a Japanese restaurant or go with Western dishes, then MA MAISON is the perfect place for you!






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Top 3 Japanese Restaurants in Manila: Best Sushi Sashimi Sake & Japanese Food in MNL