Have a great Japanese-Western Dining Experience at Ma Maison


WHEN IN MANILA and still undecided whether you want to go to a Japanese restaurant or go with Western dishes, then MA MAISON is the perfect place for you!



Ma Maison offers a rustic homey ambiance – it feels like you’re dining at grandma’s house 🙂



We couldn’t help but adore the chandelier and cute “Tiffany” lamps!



Crunchy bread sticks! Yay for hungry tummies.


Escargots (Php 385)

Nice presentation –  served on a flaming plate of baked snails in garlic butter



Ma Maison’s escargot was sizzling hot. The large buttery snail was chewy yet tender – just the way we like it!

TIP: Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor.


Chasoba Salad (Php 425)

Cold green tea soba, ham, egg, tomatoes and cucumber in Japanese mayo and sesame dressing topped with dried seaweeds.


Chicken Wings (Php 245)


Ma Maison’s deep fried chicken wings were very flavorful with a hint of sweetness to it. A must try 🙂


Squid Ink Spaghetti (Php 275)


Al dente spaghetti mixed in squid ink sauce with mushrooms and onions – yum!


Paella (Php 695)


This is Ma Maison’s Japanese version of baked saffron rice. I enjoyed the fresh seafoods that came with it – fresh mussels, sweet clams, prawns and squid.


Tonkatsu (Php 375)

This was amazing! Ma Maison’s crispy pork cutlets were so tender and the breading was light and perfect!



Best way to eat Ma Maison’s famous tonkatsu: Dab a bit of Japanese rock salt, dip in their yummy tonkatsu sauce and savor the flavors in your mouth. I am now salivating just remembering how it tastes like. *sigh* Oh, and don’t you dare miss out on the Japanese salad dressing, too – so good!!!


Aloe Vera Apple (Php 125) – An invigorating juice to refresh our palates


DOTENI Hamburger Steak (Php 395)


If you fancy hamburger steaks then Ma Maison’s juicy beef and pork burger patty will make you happy – topped with egg and Doteni sauce, which by the way are red miso beans stewed for 28 days!!! If this doesn’t satisfy you then I don’t know what else will.


Curry Udon (Php 325)


Sizzling thick curry udon noodle soup with beancurds, leeks and fish cakes – the soup was so rich and zesty, best paired with a bowl of white rice 🙂


Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice (Php 375)


The beef slices served on a bed of brown sauce were so tender, wonderfully paired with the buttered omelet rice. The serving is big enough for two to share.


Frozen Green Tea Brazo de Mercedes (Php 185)


Who could resist Ma Maison’s four-layered magical frozen dessert?! The egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and graham crust were made for each other!

I shall go back for more!


White Chocolate Mixed Fruit Tart (Php 195)


My niece loved this the most – a sweet pastry crust filled with white chocolate cream topped with mandarin orange, kiwi and strawberry slices.



Service was superb in Ma Maison!  You can even text your comments and suggestions so that any concerns can immediately be addressed 🙂 You’ll be surprised that they actually respond real time 🙂



My niece appreciated the service provided by Maris so she wrote a personal “Thank You” note 🙂



Outdoor seating is also available for guests who love dining al fresco.



WHEN IN MANILA, enjoy a memorable Japanese and Western dining experience at Ma Maison, Greenbelt.



Ground Level, Greenbelt 2, Greenbelt

Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center

Makati City, Philippines


Phone Number: (+63 2) 729-9122


MENU: Ma Maison Restaurant Menu


Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11AM – 12MN
Friday to Saturday: 11AM – 1AM



WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


Have a great Japanese-Western Dining Experience at Ma Maison


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