To the Friend Who’s Dating My Ex Now

When I first met your now-girlfriend, I was naive. I yearned for a concept and understanding I didn’t fully understand. I was drawn to the physical and emotional attachments which were perpetrated by all those works of romantic fiction I held in my heart. I can safely say that I didn’t know what love was (in a romantic sense.) Even so, I could think of a million reasons why I didn’t want to pursue anything with her. However, I don’t think it was a mistake being in a relationship. It paved the way towards me evolving as a person. It taught me a truckload of lessons and morals that I would need to face life directly, but most importantly, it taught me what it meant to be a man for myself.

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 When you first texted me about it, you told me about your interest in her. The way you formulated your sentence was ambiguous and morally-questionable. At the time, I paid no mind to it. Unwittingly, I gave the ‘blessing’ that I would have ultimately given if you had told me properly. Unfortunately, that was the ‘go signal’ for you.

I was naive enough to not see anything. Our other friends knew about the situation, but not me. Honestly, that was the most hurtful thing. I felt robbed. We have the same group of friends, but more importantly, the premise of our current dilemma involves me primarily. I thought I could trust you. I thought that our friendship was solid enough to allow you to tell me anything, even if we don’t talk a lot. Evidently, I was wrong. 


But still, I want to tell you something.

Take care of her. I may not hold feelings or any resemblance of thought with her, but take care of her.

I genuinely wish you the best in your journey. The only thing I don’t like is that you dragged me into a mess that could’ve been avoided. Besides that, I want you to treat her better than you treat your friends. There are times where the things you do are questionable. Even then, while your intentions are good, your morals are skewed. I dearly hope you’re a better significant other to her than a friend to me; because as long as you’re both happy I’m okay. Give her the opportunities and love that I couldn’t give her in my self-righteous pursuit of happiness.

In a sense, I wrote this to give myself closure. Something I’ve done before to her, and now once again to you.

If you ever read this, I’m here for you no matter what. I will always be your close friend, and I will always push you to be better than the person you were yesterday.

Because that’s what true friends are for.

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