To All Meat Lovers: Antwe Crafted Meats Offers Delicious, 100% Chemical and Preservative-Free Meats!

Words by Gianna Sibal

Photos provided by Antwe Crafted Meats

Meat-lovers! Want to eat healthy, but don’t know how? Antwe Crafted Meats is the solution for you.

A believer that deliciousness should not come at the expense of one’s health, Antwe Crafted Meats provides a menu of specialty meats and sausages that are handcrafted and made from 100% chemical and preservative-free ingredients. Their goal is to create healthy alternatives without you ever having to feel guilty or worried about your body’s diet! Cool and convenient, right?

Of course, the formula and recipes didn’t come easily—through experimentation by founder Anthony Co using homemade smoked brisket and corned beef, a trial and error process that took incredible time, effort, and dedication began—to change the way we view our bacon, sausages, and pork, ACM uses traditional curing methods with zero chemicals and preservatives.

ACM also offers a line of Filipino favorites for the taking—again, that are healthy without compromising its tastiness: longganisa, tapa, and tocino. 

That said, Antwe Crafted Meats is offering a month-long promo to all meat-lovers! For every minimum 3,000Php purchase, you receive a free gift PLUS free delivery:

  • From September 13-26, you get a choice of your favorite breakfast sausage (Hungarian or Jalapeño) for free.
  • From September 27-October 10, free longganisa comes with your purchase: choose between sweet, vigan, garlic, chicken, or pork!
  • From October 11-24, satisfy your Filipino tastebuds with a free choice of chicken or pork tocino.

‘Kung free delivery na, sulit na, right?

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ALSO! To readers of When In Manila: you’re given an option to choose between the promo listed above or the special discount: with a minimum of 2,000Php purchase, you get a 5% discount with free delivery. Just input the promo code WIMACM5 and you’re good to go!

So, to all health-junkies who love meat, but can’t take a spoonful of it—try Antwe Crafted Meats. You can eat healthy and deliciously without any worry or guilt. Order through their website–they accept credit cards or PayMaya, or even cash on delivery! So what are you waiting for?

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