LOOK: This Local Tea Brand Offers Healthy Tea Drinks in Vegan and Non-Dairy Options!

Words by Meldrick Tin
Photos by Heather Co
Featured Image from Tea Mama’s Facebook page

We, Filipinos, just love our fruit and milk teas. And while having our daily dose of tea drinks may seem perfectly fine, some studies say that having too much can be unhealthy. It makes total sense, though, because some tea brands only use juice concentrates and syrups for their fruit teas, others use too much sweeteners or artificial flavors to their milk teas, while altogether killing the antioxidants from the tea they use because they aren’t being brewed properly.

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We know that you wouldn’t want to give up your fruit and milk tea obsession, and that’s okay, because Tea Mama has your back! Tea Mama, established by Renee Sebastian, a Certified Tea Master, is a local and homegrown tea brand that offers healthy tea drinks that are not only good, but are also good for you. Tea Mama only promises fresh and natural ingredients, with their tea also being brewed right in front of you! Which means you actually get the health benefits of fresh tea.


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And that’s not all! If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, Tea Mama also offers lactose-free milk, soy milk, almond milk, vegan condensed milk, vegan sorbet and so much more as alternatives to your regular fresh or full cream milk. This means that whatever dietary restriction you have, you can still enjoy your favorite fruit and milk tea drinks! Check out their best selling drinks below.

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Tea Mama’s best seller, and my personal favorite, is the Strawberry Fresca (Php 170.00). With this uncommon fruit tea concoction, you get the best of three worlds — the sweetness of the strawberries, the citrus flavor from the orange, lemon, and lime, and the freshness of the green tea. This drink will surely uplift your mood because not only is it super refreshing, it also tastes amazing.

Tea Mama Strawberry Fresca 1

Tea Mama’s Strawberry Fresca

For other fruit tea options, you can also go for the Apple Longan Bouquet (Php 170.00) which has fresh apple and longan bits in the drink. You can also taste the freshness of the osmanthus tea and the fruits, which gives you such a such a soothing feeling from the drink. The Lemon Thirst with Pandan Jelly (Php 150.00) is also a must-try because it is such a good and healthy way to quench your thirst. This drink has a minty and lemony tang to it alongside the heavy flavor of the rooibos tea, and the soft texture of the pandan jelly really complements the whole drink. If you’re into these kind of fruit teas, go try ’em out!

Tea Mama First 2 Drinks 1

Tea Mama’s Apple Longan Bouquet and Lemon Thirst with Pandan Jelly

If you’re more into milk tea, Tea Mama also has the drink for you. Their Signature Milk Tea with Almond Milk (Php 175.00) is their twist to the traditional milk tea. You can opt to change the milk base of their milk tea into different types of milk like almond or soy, perfect for people who have dietary restrictions. Plus, you can also have your regular black pearl tapioca replaced by honey pearl sago. With this drink, literally ANYONE can now get to enjoy the goodness of milk tea in a better and healthier fashion.

And, who said that milkshakes have to be too sugary and creamy? Tea Mama beats the odds with its most recommended drink — the Coconut Jackfruit Milkshake (Php 195.00). Don’t be intimated by the jackfruit in the drink’s name, the langka flavor doesn’t really overpower the entire drink. You also no longer need to feel too guilty whenever you drink milkshakes because this one isn’t too sweet nor thick! The coconut cream base is just the right amount of flavor to make the drink extra flavorful. Plus, the pinipig bits on top of the drink complements it by giving an extra crunch to the drink.

Tea Mama Vegan Milk Tea and Coconut Jackfruit

Tea Mama’s Coconut Jackfruit Milkshake and Signature Milk Tea with Almond Milk and Honey Pearl Sago

You can also enjoy your healthy tea drinks with some Filipino local delicacies. Tea Mama also serves some kakanin like Bibingka (Php 50.00), Puto (Php 25.00), and Suman with Muscovado Sugar (Php 50.00). All are great snacks to pair up with your drink.

Tea Mama Suman and Puto

Tea Mama’s Suman with Muscovado Sugar, and Puto

Here in Tea Mama, they really take your health seriously. This tea brand does not only come up with delicious, healthy, and unique fruit and milk tea blends that are good and good for you, but is also dedicated in supporting our own local ingredients and products. Tea Mama also practices eco-friendly and sustainable methods by encouraging you to bring your own reusable cup or tumbler, and you also get Php 5.00 off every time you do so!

Tea Mama

Location: 5/F Mega Food Hall, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Building D
Facebook: Tea Mama
Instagram: @teamamaph