TKB: The New Filipino-Japanese Fusion You Have to Try

Words by Cole Mañalac

As someone who loves and appreciates Japanese food and culture, one of the biggest challenges I face in Manila is that most of the time, Japanese food is all over the place. If you go to any big mall, it’s inevitable that there’ll be a Japanese restaurant that has the usual sushi, ramen, etc. When I think about it, it becomes difficult to choose a restaurant. Especially with how there are all kinds of restaurants specializing in different things. That being said, TKB by Tanduay is the new Japanese-Filipino fusion restaurant you have to try!

As soon as I was able to browse through their menu, I was fascinated by how they love to take pride in the fact that all of the ingredients of their food are all sourced from here in the Philippines. In addition to that, since they’re by the Tanduay brand, they love to share their alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Especially with how they obtain their coffee all the way from the mountains of Bukidnon. Alongside that, their Filipino-inspired decor and presentation try to emphasize the message that all of the dishes they make are locally-sourced, bringing a sense patriotism to their unique twist on Japanese dishes.

To show that, let’s take a look at their menu!

To start, the appetizers are an amazing start to the wide array of food that the restaurant offers. Their Miso Cream Cheese (Php250), Gyokai Sakamushi (Php350), Maguro Mentai Ae (Php270) are optimal choices to begin your meal.

Rice is something that Filipino’s LOVE and the Bura Chirashi made by TKB’s Japanese Chef Yuri Amani. The dish is a mix of rice with tuna, shrimp, salmon, ikura and tamago. It is topped with spices that is keeping true to its Japanese roots.

That being said, to formally begin your food trip, their yakitori is nothing to scoff at, with the different options in the kushi menu, you will never be out of options on what to choose. The torikawa (Php70), gyubara (Php120), and ika (Php130) are good choices!

Their sushi and maki are a staple, as it’ll never fail in turning your frowning tastebuds upside down. The Salmon and Cheese (Php240) and Spicy Maguro and Salmon (Php300) are welcome options to your stomach!

Not too fall back on other restaurants, TKB makes sure to provide ramen to all those noodle-lovers there. Despite being the only option on the menu, their Ebi Miso Ramen (Php280) is a wonderful choice to pick.

Finally, their dessert is quite literally the cherry on top to all the meals they’ve given. An amazing end to your culinary journey is a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with mango.

So if you’re for Japanese food, check TKB by Tanduay out! They’re open from 11AM to 10PM, Mondays to Saturdays! With their extended affordability and great meals, you’re bound to have an amazing meal.

TKB by Tanduay

6754 GF PNB Bldg. Ayala Avenue, San Lorenzo



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