Three Ladies Take You For A Ride Through The Ages And End Up… Naked?

Music as we all know it has changed through the years. From Elvis to the Beatles, Nirvana to to Macklemore, Britney to Gaga— each generation has created their own musical anthems and with that, their own distinct identity. Music shapes how we act and see the world. This video from SketchShe shows us exactly that but with hilarious consequences.


SketchShe is an all female comedy trio from Sydney composed of Shae-Lee (@Shaeleeshack), Madison (@Madisonlloyd), and Lana (@Lanakington). They regularly upload funny videos on their Youtube page and are also known for a previous video of them miming to Bohemian Rhapsody that went viral.

Watch the whole “Mime Through Time” video below:

Nirvana, Beyonce, and of course the Miley Cyrus bits are my favourite parts. What are yours?