Beyonce Collaborated with Gab Valenciano for New Video

Beyonce Collaborated with Gab Valenciano for New Video

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Whatever Beyonce does ends up on social media. Whether it’s a haircut or accusations of Photoshop in her Instagram pictures, Bey has established herself as an Internet star aside from being an actual superstar. So of course when a new “music video” appeared online of her new song “7/11” without any announcement, the Internet went crazy.

Besides her usual moves and boundless energy, we noticed one thing about the video. Was she inspired by Gab Valenciano, who is known for his Super Selfies? “7/11″‘s video is remarkably similar to his videos. It turned out, Queen Bey collaborated with the super dancer, who is also the son of Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary V.

Gab himself confirmed the news on his Facebook account. According to him:

Beyonce Collabored with Gab Valenciano for New Video

Gab himself confirmed that he collabored with Beyonce on “711.” According to his post,”Hi everyone, this has been a very surreal season for me, and today is quite special. This video, which apparently was inspired by my videos, is now out. I was told that she herself watched my videos and asked to bring me onboard the creative process. Unbelievable. To God be all glory. Thanks for the support everyone! Still can’t believe it. ‪#‎superselfie‬”

In Beyonce’s video, you can see her doing seemingly random dance moves in a hotel balcony, room, and bathroom spliced together. She is later joined by her friends, who also do choreographed moves. The homemade quality and different dance steps spliced together is a trademark of Gab’s Super Selfies, which have been featured on The Huffington Post. Beyonce even did a trademark Gab move, where he kneels, throws his hands up, and looks up.

Watch Beyonce’s video below:

Below are some of Gab’s Super Selfies:

A solo Super Selfie in the garage

A Super Selfie with The Manoeuvres

A Super Selfie with his dad, Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano

What do you think of Beyonce’s video? Is it a Super Selfie? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Beyonce Collaborated with Gab Valenciano for New Video