This Restaurant in Rizal Has a Cult-like Following: Find Out Why

Deep in the province that has it all, in the land of art and culture, one restaurant stands as Angono’s greatest gastronomic success since Balaw-balaw: Wings On The Go.

This restaurant-cum-lifestyle-shop had a very humble beginning. In March 2012, with only Php 1,300 in cash, husband-and-wife Leo and Faye David decided to make use of their culinary background (both were students of Hotel and Restaurant Management) to earn a living. They came up with a home-based food delivery/pick-up system, using the power of social media to market it. Months later, their small home business took off, gaining loyal customers composed mainly of close friends who lived around Angono. Then through the tried-and-tested method of word-of-mouth, Wings On The Go’s customers expanded and the restaurant became the Art Capital’s best kept secret.

wings on the go lifestyle shopOwners Faye and Leo David

Since Wings On The Go owes part of its success to social media, and since Faye was an online seller herself, she and Leo decided to make the restaurant a means to give back to the online shopping industry. They named their new place “Wings On The Go Restaurant and Lifestyle Shop” where fellow online sellers can place their items inside the store for a minimal monthly fee. And it’s a concept that works.

wings on the go lifestyle shopWings On The Go: Where You Can Eat and Shop at the Same Time

Wings On The Go attracts an impressive crowd – something online sellers can and do benefit from. Even when it’s a full-house, patrons patiently wait for their turn, often opting to browse around the racks of quirky and trendy items on display than simply order a takeout. Some even proceed to knock when the restaurant is still closed! Considering that the venue can only sit a maximum of 20 people, this is quite a phenomenon. We don’t like to be kept waiting, especially when it comes to food – well, unless, of course, it’s really really good food. And Wings On The Go’s food is arguably the best in Angono, and even perhaps in Rizal.

wings on the go lifestyle shopSome of the items you can get at Wings On The Go

wings on the go lifestyle shopNovelty items such as these cutesy pens are available at the lifestyle shop

Ask Wings On The Go’s regulars and they’ll be hard-pressed to name a specialty because everything is just so damn delicious. With a menu inspired by Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food, Wings On The Go serves up well thought out dishes that couldn’t go wrong – from original-recipe grilled burgers to buffalo wings that are to die for. Everything on this exceptional menu does not disappoint. And the quality is not only high; it is consistent. Leo and Faye continue and promise to continue to man the kitchen to ensure the food remains great-tasting.

wings on the go lifestyle shopCheese Deluxe (Php95)

The burgers are one of Wings On The Go’s big hits. They’re legit grilled, so they’re much less oily and incredibly more flavorful. Even their cheese burger – an all too common fanfare – packs quite a punch! But the Macho Burger is perhaps the most recommended for devout carnivores. It has a quarter-pounder patty, bacon, ham, lettuce, tomato, and cheese! And it only costs Php110!

wings on the go lifestyle shopMacho Burger (Php110)

wings on the go lifestyle shopThe Terminator with double quarter-pounder patty and all things good in this world (Php140)

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