The Great American Burger Joint: Awesome Burgers At An Affordable Price

Ever hoped to eat burgers every day without feeling guilty about its additives, preservatives, and meat extenders? Wished you could munch on healthier burgers that wouldn’t cost you that much? If you answered yes to both questions then The Great American Burger Joint or more commonly known as The Burger Joint (TBJ) will definitely be your favorite burger meal stop!

Located at SM Center Pasig, this burger place has been attracting customers for its 100% premium beef burger patties, home-baked burger buns, crispy wings, and malt shakes at a very affordable price!

The Great American Burger Joint (1)

Upon entering the place, I noticed that there is a mural where names of places in the US are listed on the wall. The Burger Joint is Filipino owned, but apparently, the food (especially the burgers) are named after and inspired by the owners’ favorite meals from the US.

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The owners, Angel and Mike Hoese, are a husband-and-wife tandem who grew up in the States. Both are burger lovers who brought the American taste here in the Metro. Even the place resembles shops and restos in the US with their brick-like walls, circular lamps, chairs, and tables. It’s a really good place to chill, catch-up, and chat with friends while enjoying the food.

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Angel, who does the administrative functions and oversees the purchasing, calls their burgers as “burgers made with love.” Most of the food they serve are made from scratch, which means you have to quickly wait for them to prepare your orders. The sauces and spices they use are either home-made or imported from the US. They create their own mayo, grind their beef in store, and bake their burger buns daily. How awesome is that?

Their kitchen is see-through so you’ll be able to see their chef, Mara Pateña, preparing your food, and sometimes, you’ll even hear the sound of the beef grinding.

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Chef Mara is also an American food lover, who even experienced working at a fine dining resto in the US.

The Great American Burger Joint (13)Chef Mara Pateña of The Great American Burger Joint



The Great American Burger Joint (8)Loaded Nachos, Php 159

They say that appetizers should be simple yet tasty. I like that their chili con carne does not have a very strong taste. The watermelon salsa probably helps balance it. Yes, the red bits you’re seeing are not bits of tomatoes, but watermelons. Their nachos are really loaded with goodness and is definitely great for sharing!


Burgers and More

As I’ve mentioned previously, they bake their burger buns every day, so you’ll expect that the bun is soft, fresh, and has fine texture which gives it a distinct taste. These brioche buns are not dry nor crumbly.

For the beef patties, they use the smashing technique instead of freezing or grilling it. By smashing the beef, it results to a juicy and moist burger patty.

The Great American Burger Joint (5)Juicy Lucy, Php 290

The Juicy Lucy, which has a half-pound burger patty, is their best-selling burger meal. The beef is not covered with any sauce, so you’ll be able to taste its meatiness and know that no beef extender was used. The lettuce, onions, and tomatoes are indeed fresh. The crunchy bacon strips definitely adds a great taste!

The Great American Burger Joint (6)Santa Fe, Php 175

The Santa Fe is just as good as the Juicy Lucy. The burger patty is coated with melted cheese and with yummy bacon mole sauce. Chef Mara says that she adds coffee and chocolate variant to this home-made sauce. The thinly-sliced, crispy onions adds well on top of the sauce thus making the burger awesome!

The Great American Burger Joint (7)Chili Dog, Php 199

Aside from burgers, The Burger Joint also offers hotdog sandwiches. Their Chili dog is another best-seller for its delicious con carne and bountiful bacon bits as toppings. The sausage is indeed chewy and juicy and will definitely be one of your favorites.

The Great American Burger Joint (9)Buffalo Classic, Php 179

These are not your usual, sweet buffalo wings. The Buffalo Classic recipe makes use of the favorite recipe of Americans. These wings are crispy, not dry, and very spicy. The spiciness lingers even on the meat itself. It might be a bit messy, but use your hands and dip it to the creamy sauce for extra goodness.



The Great American Burger Joint (10)Freshly Brewed Iced Tea, Php 45/ Php 59

Besides baking their own buns and creating their sauces, they also brew their iced tea. They don’t use sweeteners, so expect that their iced tea has just an ample amount of sweetness.

The Great American Burger Joint (11)Oreo Malt Shake, Php 145

Likewise, the malt shakes are also home made. What I like about the Oreo Malt Shake is that it’s not too sweet (I didn’t worry of having a sore throat due to over-sweetness). The drink is also very thick because they put real ice cream in it. Yum!



The Great American Burger Joint (12)Lava Cake, Php 119

For the dessert, I was able to try another best-seller – the lava cake! The preparation might be a little longer compared to that of burger meals, but it’s definitely worth the wait. As an avid fan of desserts, this is actually one of the best that I’ve tasted. The hot lava cake was topped with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate-y sauce. The hot and cold combination was indeed a perfect treat!

For Angel Hoese, it really is about serving great food with good quality and offering it at a cheap price. Angel admits that at the moment, they’re not really after gaining a high profit. They put a lot of effort, time, and love in maintaining the quality of their food servings. Their home-made, natural ingredients make the food fresh, healthy, and delicious!

The Great American Burger Joint shall turn one this coming October and they’re planning to add a “Burger of the Month” meal. They are also aggressively looking for a place to open their next branch somewhere in Makati or BGC Area. Currently, the restaurant offers catering, kiddie parties and deliveries via

But of course, the best food experience would always be to enjoy the meal with your friends and family at the restaurant itself. Take selfies, food shots, and tag The Burger Joint on social media!


The Great American Burger Joint

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