This Phone Accessory Will Help You Take Better Pet Photos!

All pet parents would know how difficult it is to take photos of these adorable little creatures we call pets. If you’re one, then I’m pretty sure your camera roll has about hundreds of blurred faces of your paw babies.

Well, we found a solution to this common dilemma!

A phone accessory called Pooch Selfie makes photographing dogs way easier. What’s the secret? The kit consists of a pin and a ball. All you have to do is attach these two on your mobile phones, and ta-da! Your pooch is instantly looking at the ball camera. You can now capture that cuteness without any fuzz.

Check out this video to see how it works!

(Full credits to Pooch Selfie)

Unfortunately though, Pooch Selfie is only available in the United States as of the moment. In the meantime, try making funny sounds to catch your dog’s attention, and hope for the best.

Would you also like to have a Pooch Selfie? Tell us in the comments.


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