Say Cheese! 5 Pet Photographers in the Philippines

Animals are undeniably adorable. Even as simple as a dog’s head tilt or a cat’s yawn can melt hearts and make you wish you have one or more. In fact, they can look so cute even without trying or doing anything. However, as charming as they may be, photographing pets is not an easy task, even for pet parents. It takes patience, skills in photography, passion and, sometimes, a pet photographer to be able to produce crisp and high quality pet pictures.

If you’re a pet parent who wants photos that will encapsulate how fascinating your pets are, here are five pet photographers in the country that will totally get the job done.

5. Cebu Dog Photography

Cebu Dog Photography is a must-book pet service for all the dog parents in Cebu. Their goal is to “vividly capture your dog’s unique and fun world.” Outdoor pet photo shoot is their forte. In case you don’t have a pet and want one, they breed dogs too!

If you’re a Cebuano dog parent, don’t hesitate to contact them and start planning a fun photo shoot for you and your pets.



Featured images taken by Cebu Dog Photography; used with permission from the photographer.

Cebu Dog Photography

4. Meownila

Meownila, a shorter term for Meows of Manila, is a cat photography movement that aims to highlight the beauty of all cats, despite breed and lifestyle. Although they are known for photographing stray cats all over the Metro, they also welcome and enjoy taking pictures of pet cats.

Have a cat? Good news, Meownila takes photos of cats for free!



Featured images taken by Meownila; used with permission from the photographer.


3. Pawtography PH

For Pawtography PH,  photographing pets is all about capturing their facial expressions and movements in a natural setting. They take photos of pets on areas where they are most comfortable at such as parks, backyards, and homes. Pawtography PH photograph pets as they are – playful and perky.

They’re open to all kinds of pets, with or without paws. Their pet photography service is free until August as a part of their launch.



Featured images taken by Pawtography PH; used with permission from the photographer.

Pawtography PH

2. Petograpiya

Petograpiya is founded out of fondness for photography and love for pets. They offer two kinds of services: Appreciate and Celebrate. Appreciate includes a pet photo shoot that aims to collect good memories through pictures, while Celebrate includes event coverage. Celebrate is perfect for pet birthdays, pet adoption anniversaries, or any pet party you can think of.

Petograpiya’s rates range from P 6,000 to P 14,000 depending on the package of your choice. They photograph cats, dogs, rabbits, and all sorts of pets.



Featured images taken by Petograpiya; used with permission from the photographer. 


1. Woof! Pet Photography

Lights, camera, arf-tion! Woof! Pet Photography believes that “every pet deserves an awesome portrait.” They have their own pet studio with a complete set of equipment needed to produce high-quality pet pictures. They specialize in studio pet portraits but they are also open to lifestyle and on-location pet portraiture.

Don’t be intimidated because their rates are actually very affordable! For studio shots, prices are based on the prints you’ll purchase while a minimum of P 5,000.00 for a two-hour session of on-location shoot.



Featured images taken by Woof! Pet Photography; used with permission from the photographer.

Woof! Pet Photography

These pet photographers will help you capture beyond the physical features of your pets, but also their adorable expressions and quirky personalities. Through a fun pet photo shoot, they will provide you with beautiful photographs of your paw babies which are perfect for your Facebook timelines, Instagram feeds, photo albums and walls at home.

These five are just some of the country’s up-and-coming pet photographers that you should definitely look out for. Book them now and start teaching your pets how to say cheese!

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