This Man’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection Went For Around P1M and He Sold It For His Daughter’s Education

It may only be other collectors who understand the keen pain of having to give up a piece or item you’ve treasured for so long, but the dedication of a parent towards a child is something most will recognize. This story shows both in tandem with one another with Yu-Gi-Oh! collector @KnightMiyabi parting with some very rare cards for his daughter’s future. 

Translation: My memory became my daughter’s entrance fee.” 

The committed father was able to give up four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards for a small fortune. While Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are not necessarily of the more costly variety, there are a few rare pieces which will get you quite a lot. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon card happens to be one of those. With only a thousand copies ever printed and distributed, the Japanese copy was the one the first “secret rare” cards. 

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While @KnightMiyabi did not explicitly give the amount he was able to collect for the cards, he did mention that no collector would think of selling even one of them for anything less than 600,000 yen or $5,000. Since he displayed 4 cards for sale, it is estimated that he easily made at least $20,000 or Php 1 million for all cards. 

Translation: “This is a picture from yesterday, but when I took it out when my daughter took a card from me last month and took up myself, I cried. At that time, I decided my resolution.”

He shares that he made the decision to put his beloved collection towards his daughter’s security when he caught her playing with some of the more common Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from his collection. She cried as they were taken away from her which perhaps made him realize what he was willing to give up for her.

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@KnightMiyabi ultimately chose to put the money he earned as an investment for her education. Still just a baby, the money will primarily be put towards a good kindergarten school while the excess will be put aside for the future. 

Do you think you would sacrifice something like this?