Hardworking Single Mom Handmade 20,000 Brooms So Daughter Could Go To College

Li Yaomei, a single mother in Northwestern China, has spent 3 years making a total of 20,000 brooms in order to make ends meet. This 55-year-old woman was not only able to put her daughter through College, but she was also covering her own medical bills for a series of health concerns. 

mom makes brooms

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Li was forced to borrow around $30,000 or Php 1.5 million over the course of 2 years due to a stomach tumor, a major traffic accident, and her daughter’s tuition. Her neighbors had generously put up the money with no interest and that kindness fuelled her need to repay them. Li was quoted by SinaNews as saying: “These people lent me money without interest. They’re good guys, so I made sure I paid their money back.”

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She had actually been making brooms ever since her divorce was finalized in 2008. Her devotion to her work intensified once she had so much to cover. Li is reported to work from 5 in the morning to midnight, making brooms and tending to her sheep chickens throughout the day. 

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Her business has now been successful enough for her to pay back her debts and construct a workshop for herself. Despite the urgency to work having lessened, her ethic has not dwindled. She shares: “I could feel sick and stay in bed all day long, but I’d rather work because it makes me feel more energetic and healthier.”

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