This Is the Most Popular Beer in the Philippines

VinePair, a website that focuses mainly on wines (and other spirits), posted an infographic showing the most popular beer/s in every country.

According to VinePair, the infographic is based on a research reports and corporate filings that show the most popular beers in more than 100 countries.

It can be seen from this infographic that the popular beer brands around the world are very diverse.

From here, it can be seen that the most popular beer in the Philippines is Red Horse Beer.


Amazingly though, another popular and widely available beer in the Philippines, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, is seen to be popular in Hong Kong.

Here’s the full infographic below.

Most Popular Beer Philippines(Click to see full resolution. Image from:

If Red Horse Beer or San Miguel Pale Pilsen aren’t your thing, here are some strong beers you can try in the Philippines.

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