10 Strong Beers to Enjoy When in Manila

10 Strong Beers to Enjoy When in Manila



Strong beer is never hard to find in Manila. You can easily get one from a bar or even from a 24/7 convenience store. If you want to enjoy one that is ice cold and offers a strong kick with decent inebriation, here are some strong beers in Manila that you should get your hands on.

10. Cerveza Negra (5% alcohol content)

Made only for the dauntless, Cerveza Negra is a full-bodied dark lager that comes with hints of rich caramel. This beer is made from roasted pilsen malt that came from Europe concocted with only high-quality ingredients. It offers the perfect combination of sweet and bitter with a fizzy head.

Strong Beers in PH - Cerveza Negra(Image from: pepper.ph) 

9. San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen (5% alcohol content)

The most popular beer in Manila and the whole country, San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen is part of the Filipino culture that locals miss it when they are out of the country and foreigners look for it when they are in the country. This beer provides a hint of hops in the brew with a slight bittersweet taste. It has a medium body with a clean finish that is best enjoyed below zero.


8. Beer na Beer (5% alcohol content)

The rival of San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen in the Philippine market, Beer na Beer is described as having “smooth, clean, and refreshing” beer taste. The name Beer na Beer seems to be redundant but it is supposedly to put emphasis on how good this beer is.

Strong Beers in PH - Beer na Beer(Image from: flickr .com)

7. Coors Original (5% alcohol content)

Brewed by Asia Brewery in the Philippines under license, Coors Original is slow-brewed from only the premium ingredients to give a crisp and clean beer. This golden lager retains the full-flavored beer taste, which is why it is recognized as one of America’s biggest beer brands.

Strong Beers in PH - Coors Original(Image from: campsite-studio.com) 

6. Asahi Super Dry (5% alcohol content)

Distributed by Asia Brewery in the Philippines, Asahi Super Dry is another foreign beer that we can all easily find in store. This beer has refreshing barley flavor and crisp aftertaste. It is considered one of most popular high-quality beers in Japan. It was introduced in Japan in 1987 and is known as Japan’s first dry beer. Since then, it has continued to improve the taste and excitement of beer. 

Strong Beers in PH - Asahi Super Dry 

5. San Miguel Strong Ice (6.3% alcohol content)

An ice-filtered beer that brings a pale amber lager that is characterized by pleasant ester notes with mild balanced bitterness. San Miguel Strong Ice is best enjoyed ice cold to let it bring out its best taste in every gulp.

*Unfortunately, no longer available.

Strong Beers in PH - San Miguel Strong Ice 

4. Red Horse Beer (6.8% alcohol content)

A strong beer that is usually the beer of choice of the younger crowd due to the buzz it gives even after drinking just one bottle. It offers a strong flavor that is satisfying with every gulp.


A popular urban legend about this beer is the Happy Horse where the logo on the bottle contains a smiling or laughing horse. According to the urban legend, such beer gives a stronger buzz but with a sweeter taste compared to the regular Red Horse beer. 


3. Manila Beer (7% alcohol content)

Manila Beer is an super premium all-malt strong beer that has a fuller body, a cleaner taste and hit compared to regular beers. Compared to other beers that use only 60% malt and fills the rest with cheaper ingredients, Manila Beer has no cheap substitutes or additives. It is a brew concocted using only the finest ingredients — premium malt, hops and water, giving you premium taste in every gulp. 

Strong Beers in PH - Manila Beer(Image from: 99boomerangs.com) 

2. Colt 45 (7.2% alcohol content)

Offering a high alcohol content compared to most beers, Colt 45 is dubbed as a liquor instead of a beer. Though it is originally from the USA, Colt 45 has become a beer of choice for many Filipinos due to its strong flavor and kick. It is recognized as one of the strongest beer even in the global market.

colt 45 beer cans 

1. El Diablo (12% alcohol content)

Coming on top of the list, El Diablo is a strong beer that offers 12% alcohol content by volume. It comes in the super premium lager beer category and brewed with 2 premium European Malt, 3 Hops varieties (hallertauer, Yakima, and Perle) and 2 different yeast strain. It is one great beer that is strong and smooth with every chug.

A towering beer can of El Diablo offers 500ml of this golden liquid courage. It has a retail price of PhP 70-80. It is available in many supermarkets and 7-11 outlets.

Strong Beers in PH - El Diablo 

It’s always beer o’clock somewhere, so why not enjoy a cold one right now? 😉 




10 Strong Beers to Enjoy When in Manila