This is the Best Tablet for Your Little Ones

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 01 1VTech’s My 1st Tablet

VTech’s My 1st Tablet is an early alternative for toddlers to start brain development without using the usual tablets at home. Modeled after an adult tablet, this children’s tablet explores the use of electronic devices for the purpose of learning. Targeted to provide developmental benefits for child’s progress, this battery-operated toy is packed with features to enhance their language development, musical creativity, basic math skills, and imaginative play.

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Besides all that, it is just the right size for little hands. It also features automatic shut-off to preserve battery life and has durable design for long-lasting play. Here are its developmental benefits:

  • Language Development – Strengthens language skills by introducing letter names and words with vivid animations and sound effects.
  • Musical Creativity – The keyboard enhances musical skills by allowing creation of musical tunes.
  • Basic Math Skills – Learn to recognize numbers and their order, and develop basic counting skills.
  • Imaginative Play – The tablet is modeled after an adult tablet for imitative play.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 02 1The VTech tablet teaches letters, numbers, words, and music

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 12 1

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 11 1

Little tots can enjoy eight learning activities: Hidden Letters, Letter Bridge, Picture Puzzle, Word Party, Planting Fun, Number Bridge, Counting Fun, and More or Less.

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Activity Slider – 4 Ways To Explore

The tablet has an Activity Slider with corresponding basic colors for little ones’ easy recognition. There are four ways to explore: ‘Photo Fun’ which teaches letters, words and numbers, ‘My Piano’ wherein kids can play the piano keys for musical fun, ‘Ask Me’ to play question and answer game, and ‘Calendar Check’ to learn the days of the week.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 09 1The tablet has a back-lit screen for easy visibility which can be easily turned on and off.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 05 1Ten piano keys to explore and enhance child’s musical creativity

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 04 1
Calendar Check to learn the days of the week

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_VTech-My-1st-Tablet 06 1Kid-safe with secured screw at the back and provisions for wall mounting

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Children can now own a gadget that’s suitable for their age, easily sheering them away from the use of adult tablets. Though mostly for fun and play, the VTech tablet is, at the same time, beneficial for a child’s developmental progress. With this, kids will have lots to explore, learn, and discoverall in a convenient compact-sized gadget that can be brought along everywhere!

VTech My 1st Tablet