Newly Launched Essentials for Mommies and Babies On-the-Go

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One of the challenges in breastfeeding is getting privacy during moms’ special connection with their babies. This challenge what inspired Carolina Toro-Gerstein to launch the brand Poncho Baby and its first signature product which is the nursing cover. She drew inspiration from her cultural roots. In the Colombian Andes Mountains, ponchos have been used for centuries as versatile garments to protect against the cold and were used by adults and kids. Due to the lack of easy-to-use products for families and babies on-the-go, she focused the Poncho Baby product line on designing products that were high quality, stylish, eco-friendly, multi-functional and compact. She believes that we all need to support and encourage breastfeeding for all women.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH 15Carolina Toro-Gerstein with her two kids

Nursing Cover

Soft, stylish, and eco-friendly. Poncho Baby Nursing Cover has a patented design (US Patent No. 9380815) and is lovingly crafted in the USA using 100% imported cotton muslin and organic cotton with these unique features:

  • Flexible neckline that allows mom to see the baby directly
  • Provides a full front and back coverage, providing warmth and additional privacy
  • Has two inside pockets to hold nursing pads or burp cloth
  • Super breathable with soothing colors for mom and baby
  • It is multi-functional – can be used as a stroller cover, car seat canopy, baby carrier cover, pumping cover, and more

Variants: Classic and Organic, Oval-shaped and square-shaped
Colors: Classic (black, navy, olive, beige, emerald)
Organic (black, navy, olive, gray, pink, beige, emerald, Fiji, Sonoma, Newport)


When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_03Poncho Baby takes the idea of a traditional nursing cover and puts a bit of a spin on it. It is the first nursing cover to cover both the front and back coverage with a bone on the neckline so you can see you baby while breastfeeding.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_04It can also be used as additional cover and protection for babies while inside the stroller especially while they are sleeping.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH 12And is comfortable enough to be used as blanket!

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH 13It is made of a lightweight cotton muslin fabric, and can be easily folded up to throw in your diaper bag.

Aside from the nursing cover, the Poncho Baby product line continues to expand and now features a variety of baby stuff like the fashionable bandana bibs, blankets, washcloths, and the recently launched organic baby onesies.


When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_08The newly launched Poncho Baby Onesies

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_09Sporting a Poncho Baby Onesie paired with fashionable Bandana Bib made of 100% organic cotton muslin

Bandana Bib

It provides an absorbent solution for teething babies. It is all natural made from four layers of super absorbent, responsibly sourced organic fabric. It has adjustable snaps, reversible and compact, making it easy to fold and toss into a diaper bag.


When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH 14Reversible and adjustable snaps allow the bib to “grow” with Baby

When In Manila Hoppiepolla Poncho Baby PH 10The stylish solution to keep drooling babies dry and protect their clothes from food smudges and stains

Organic Wash Cloth

This is the organic, modern version of a washcloth. Perfect for Baby’s bath—or for Mom, to remove her makeup and gently exfoliate with, and for Dad, as an after-shave cloth. Also made in the USA using soft, 100% organic cotton muslin imported, they only get softer and softer with each washing – perfect for Baby’s delicate skin.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_06Sold in sets of five; choose from girl-themed colors, boy-themed colors or neutral.

 When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH_11These also make terrific napkins for Baby’s mealtime.


Mommy Mae and Baby Cher wearing Poncho Baby Nursing Cover and Bandana Bib in emerald

Filipina mommies can now try Poncho Baby after it is being brought here in the Philippines by Lyn Lazaro. She is a loving wife to Jon and a mother of 2 girls (Julianna Louise at 12 yo and Carmillia Nicolle at 7 yo) and 1 baby boy (Tres at 9mos old). After discovering the product and finding it very useful and versatile to bring to her office for breastfeeding, she thought of distributing the products to share how Poncho Baby brings convenience to every moms on-the-go.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Poncho-Baby-PH 16Lyn Lazaro, owner and distributor of Poncho Baby PH, with her youngest, Baby Tres

Poncho Baby

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