This Is How Anne Curtis Dealt With A Fan Who Said She Was ‘Getting Fat’

Anne Curtis has been enjoying a much-deserved vacation in Napa, California with her husband, Erwann Huessaff. She’s been appreciating the sites like Yosemite National Park and savouring being able to have what she calls the “best wine” in Napa. Of course, part of that vacation fun is eating to her heart’s content.

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Anne jokingly references all the food she’s eating by saying she’s put on some weight since arriving in the US. In a recent Instagram post she narrates how she even refused to face the camera because she felt her ‘food baby’ was showing:

I personally have no idea what she’s talking about since she looks as fit as ever, but it seems her followers have sharper eyes than I do. One even commented: “It seems like you’re getting fatter, Anne.” Rather than lashing out, Anne only agreed and joked: “Food is life e”.

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Her personal trainer, Arnold Aninion, seemed to echo the sentiments by promising a workout when she gets back to the Philippines:

But I feel this comment the most: “If I eat a burger, will I get a body like that too?”. Anne replied saying that it was only the angle which hid the true amount of damage the burger had done:

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If that’s what she considers putting on holiday weight, I don’t want to know what she’d say about the rest of us and our vacation habits. But it’s great to see that even celebrities let loose once in a while and let themselves enjoy cheat days and indulgences. As always, it’s good to remember to enjoy things in moderation!

Have you got any tips for limiting the holiday pounds? 

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