This Food Cart Sells Filipino-Style Nachos With REAL CHEESE!

Strolling around a park or window shopping at a mall can be made even more enjoyable with something to munch on. Malls and parks have a wide range of choices when it comes to finger foods, but it’s sometimes hard to choose. Fortunately, we’ve found a food cart that’s definitely worth a try.

Buenos Nachos is a newly opened food cart where you can get amazingly delicious nachos.

What sets them apart from the usual nacho food cart you know? A lot! First of all, their nachos are a family recipe. So, you can be sure that it’s truly made out of love. The owner’s mother used to cook up some nachos just for the family, but because it was too good, they decided to share it with everybody else.

Mark Louie Ramos, the man behind Buenos Nachos, first started selling these nachos in bazaars where shoppers would actually return to their stall to get a second serving! Yes, that’s how good the nachos are.

Because it’s a family recipe, you can be sure that it doesn’t at all taste like the usual food cart nachos. The cheese that they use is real organic cheese! It’s not just some weird cheese-flavored concoction made out of powder. This one is legit!

Buenos Nachos offers Filipino-style nachos and let me tell you that they’ve got the sweet and salty taste that we Pinoys love.

Plus, they use premium meat (which they season so deliciously) and very fresh vegetables that make Buenos Nachos a healthier option.

You can choose to either try nachos with just cheese; nachos with their mouthwatering salsa, beef (or chicken), and cheese; or all this with fresh vegetables!

Honestly, I truly loved the Pinoy twist to its flavor. I love the sweetness to it. Plus, it’s flavorful, super filling, overloaded with premium toppings, and extremely satisfying. I couldn’t keep myself from reaching out for more!

Try out Buenos Nachos at their first food cart in SM North Edsa and watch out for their upcoming carts all over the Metro!

Buenos Nachos

Sky Garden, 2F SM North EDSA

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