This Filipino-Dubbed High School Musical Clip Will Make You Laugh!

Raise your hand if you’ve also seen High School Musical when you were young!

Do you still remember how fabulous Sharpay Evans is? How about the very emotional scene where Troy and Gabriella parted ways? We bet you also cheered for the Wild Cats! Chances are, there’s still a wee bit of kilig inside you when you hear the song “Can I have this dance?”!

Well, if you’re up for something more than just an HSM-themed throwback, here’s a video that you should totally watch. This Filipino-dubbed High School Musical clip will get you laughing out loud! Yes, honey, even the songs are in Filipino!

The video already has over a million of views, 23,000 shares, and 11,000 comments. It sure seems like everyone missed the hit musical series!

Who’s up for a Filipino-dubbed version of all the High School Musical movies?

Which one is your favorite part? Tell us in the comments.


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