This Filipina Entrepreneur Thanks Her Lola For All The Sacrifices She’s Done!

Written by Mia Abigan

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When we were younger, we’d be the wildest dreamers! We’d dream about inventing the cure for cancer, flying to space, and even painting the next masterpiece. And while most people would often doubt us, there’s one person that would always believe in us no matter what, our lolos and lolas. These people would support us every step of the way and make sure we were getting closer to our dream. 

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Meet Amanda Moriles, owner of Kamayeño Grill, Cebu’s Original Chorizo and MLM Media Signs & Graphics. At just the young age of 25, she successfully runs several businesses on top of their family business. Of course, it wasn’t always such an easy road for Amanda but she thanks her lola for all the help she’s given along the way. 

Amanda did not come from a wealthy family but thanks to her lola’s sacrifices, she was able to get a good education and become the person she is today. Now, she currently leads their family business, MLM Media Signs & Graphics as both the owner and the marketing head

MLM Media Signs & Graphics actually started out as an advertising company (formerly known as AMM Outdoor Graphics) that placed billboard ads in strategic positions. Unfortunately, things did not look very bright for the company as they had few clients and growing debts. Not long after, they were forced to sell their cars and trucks to simply pay off their debts. And it was around this time that Amanda was put in charge of MLM Media Signs & Graphics. She had to think of new marketing strategies that would catapult them back to success. 

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Fortunately, Amanda was able to think of new products and services that catered to today’s generation – LED Neon Signs. Though this product was completely out of their comfort zone, this leap of faith proved to be for the better. Soon enough, word from one satisfied client spread quickly and before you knew it, MLM Media was now back-in-business and stronger than ever! From flex signs, 3D acrylic build-up signs, stainless signs to tarpaulin and sticker printing, MLM Media Signs and Graphics is your one-stop-shop for all your signage needs.

Photos retrieved from MLM Media Signs & Graphics Official Facebook Page

They say mistakes are simply learning experiences because it is through them that we become wiser. The same can be said for Amanda’s case with MLM Media Signs & Graphics. It was through tough times that she was able to discover a niche market that she can further explore. And as a millennial in charge of such a senior role in the business, she is able to give helpful insights that fit the taste of today’s generation. She understands her clients better and as a result, she is able to give a more personalized experience – one that keeps her clients coming back for more!

But even with 4 years of experience under her belt, running a business has never been easy. She’s had her fair share of trials as well but it’s the thought of giving back everything her lola has done for her that keeps her going forward. Her lola once told her: “Hindi laging Pasko sa business.” And it’s completely true. There will be good months and bad ones, it’s up to you to move and adapt accordingly. In Amanda’s case, she would often use her slow-moving months as the time to think of new products and innovations. 

As of the writing, Amanda’s lola is currently confined in St. Luke’s hospital for her 5th Intensive Chemo. Her lola is on her 8th year battling cancer and all that Amanda wishes for is that she is able to give back all the love and support her lola had given her. After all, it was her lola that taught her the ins-and-outs of the business and molded her to be the woman that she is today. She’s beyond thankful that her lola is someone so strong and also so kind. And in her honor, Amanda wrote a letter as follows:

To mama, thank you for always having my back. I know that I always forget to remind you how important you are to me. I want you to know and say this again that you are the strongest person I know. There are so many things I want to thank you for: like in always standing by my side, for being a good listener and for giving me random advice in life. You know all the right words to say to make me feel okay and somehow it just makes sense. You taught me to become independent and not to rely on anyone else. Whenever I feel like giving up you always push me to do more and give more. You’re the strongest person I know, you fought and persevered through any trial and challenge that comes your way. You always give. You always think of others more than yourself. You taught me that family always comes first before anything else. You never fail to make me feel loved and important. I promise mama to always keep all the values you taught me and I will always remember to show love and compassion to others. I know this will never be enough to show how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for me. I just want to you to know that i appreciate everything and that I love you so much.

Not all heroes wear capes and Amanda’s lola is truly one of them! Who’s the unsung hero in your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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