5 Reasons Why Grandmas are the Best

Words by Krizia Joy Rivera

Our grandmas are one of the happiest people when they see us. Every time we come to visit them, it’s always like a fiesta or a birthday because of all the food. What makes them cooler is that many of them are game to update themselves with the internet so they can join whatever jokes and memes we have. They are the cutest!

Here are the 5 reasons why grandmas are the best:

5. They have a million stories you will learn from them

My lola loves sharing her kabataan days, when love letters and harana were popular. Her past lover turned out to be awful, but she always loves telling stories of her achievements. Not academically, but the way she managed to live her life full of obstacles and adventures. Her stories are life lessons I can bring in the future to protect myself from any harm and mistakes I might encounter.

4. They always spoil you

My lola always spoiled me even if I always threw tantrums when I was a child. Even though we are not born into a wealthy family, she tried to give everything we needed and always put us first. It’s okay if there’s nothing left for her as long as we have food to eat and clothes to wear. That’s how big her heart is.

3. They cook the best food

We all know how much our grandmas cook the best dishes. They lived their life preparing food every day for their children, so their years of practice have made them great cooks. Our bellies feel like bursting after a meal with them because their secret ingredient is pure love.

2. They will teach you how to be strong

In times of trouble and misery, you can always rely on them to have your back and listen to all your problems. They will let you cry and hug you until the pain fades away. They will probably scold you after all that and point out what you’ve done wrong, but they are helping you be tough and brave.

1. They will love you unconditionally

There were times when I’d argue with my grandma and we’d end up mad at each other. I also made mistakes and disappointed her. There are things I can’t agree with, especially when it comes to modern culture. Despite that, they will try to understand and love you unconditionally no matter what.

I always believe that our grandmothers are life’s blessings. I’m lucky that I can still see her today. I want her to enjoy every second she has and see me become the person she wants me to be. If you still have your grandma, give her your best and let them be proud of you!

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