This Fan Asked BLACKPINK’s Rosé to Prom and She Was Super Excited

A lucky BLINK caught the eye of Rosé during BLACKPINK’s concert in Canada. A last-minute decision to make his concert poster an invitation to prom coincidentally led to being noticed by his bias. Twitter user @martinsheep_ shares that he also had a Bulbasaur plush to wave around but the poster asking her to prom is what set him apart.

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He explains that it all started during soundcheck. Waving around his homemade poster surprisingly got her attention right away and she had security bring it to her. She even responded after the number, saying she would love to go to prom with him but he would have to ask her managers first!

The story doesn’t end there! Rosé actually sees him again during the send-off and approaches him. She excitedly calls to him “Ah you’re my prom date! Yay!”. Obviously at this point, the fan was probably beside himself with giddiness. He reaches out to hand her the Bulbasaur plushie and she accepts it, calling back: “Thank you! I’ll see you at prom.”

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Rosé then posted about it on her Instagram story in the most adorable way:

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While fans doubt she will actually go to the prom due to her busy schedule, they still can’t believe the luck of this one boy! And, it seems, neither can he.

How would you react if your bias said they would go to Prom with you? 


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