LOOK: K-Pop Stars from BTS and Red Velvet were Spotted in a Marvel Comic

Although the 11th issue of Marvel’s Runaways was published way back in July 2018 it was only recently that K-Pop fans caught the discreet cameo of some of their favorite stars. It seems that the cover illustrated by Kris Anka features 2 (or possibly more) appearances of some K-pop idols. 

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marvel runaways

Cover by Kris Anka

The more obvious ones are Irene from Red Velvet and V from BTS. Some speculate that BM (also from BTS) pops up in the corner, too. Twitter user @purpleheart__ seems to be the first to spot the similarities and make them go viral. 


The Runaways version of Irene looks to be directly inspired by her “Russian Roulette” era. Some might say that it looks like any random girl with purple hair on the cover, but the small detail of her hair barrettes is what gives the reference away. Just look at them, side by side: 

runaways kpop 2

Left photo from allkpop; Art by Kris Anka

V’s illustration is easier to discern as a definite model of him. The entire look is taken from a “War of Hormone” moment.

From the leopard glasses to the blue-grey cardigan, and even the necklace around his neck the details stand as an exact copy. 

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runaways kpop 3

Left photo from allkpop; Art by Kris Anka

RM (or Rap Monster) is also said to be hidden at the upper left corner. While the resemblance does look very close it’s impossible to be certain because of the text covering the character, unfortunately. 

runaways kpop 1

Photo from NextShark

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While none of this has been confirmed by cover illustrator, Kris Anka, it’s a safe bet to say that they are direct inspirations. One telling sign is how his personal Twitter is littered with K-Pop content. He’s even posted fanart: 

What do you think — are the characters on the cover a match?