BTS comments on being called the “21st-century Beatles”

Known for their hit songs “Fake Love,” “DNA,” “Spring Day,” Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Save Me,” and “Spring Day,” among others, BTS has been topping charts and getting interviews and guesting requests from the international media. Their breakthrough both in Asia and the U.S. gave them nicknames, and one of them is being the “21st-century Beatles.”

BTS leader RM commented on this via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said, “Sometimes it feels really embarrassing when someone calls us a 21st-century Beatles or something like that.” They also commented on the various nicknames they received. He said, “If they want to call us a boy band, then we’re a boy band. If they want to call us a boy group, we’re a boy group. If they want to call us K-pop, then we’re cool with K-pop.”

What should BTS’s nickname really be?


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