This Eat-All-You-Can Food Hall Just Added 200 New Dishes to Their Buffet

Planning to enjoy a gastronomic meal as a treat? Why not go big and go to a buffet that’s guaranteed to leave you filled and satisfied?

The Alley by Vikings has always been known for adding a unique twist to the usual buffet restaurants we love. It has a more casual vibe, but it also offers a more picture-perfect buffet experience with its overall “international food hall” look.

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I got to check out The Alley’s branch at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and it was much like stepping into a new world. The street-inspired dining area along with the IG-worthy international food “shacks” made it feel like we were on a walking culinary tour in another country.

The Alley by Vikings is also known for serving unlimited street food such as fishballs, kwek kwek, and taho in Instagrammable food stations.

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As if we needed any more reason to love this eat-all-you-can restaurant, they also just recently added 200 new dishes to their menu. These dishes were created by celebrity chefs and father-and-son duo Chef Gene Gonzales and Chef Gino Gonzales.

These 200 new dishes will be available by rotation at the Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and U.P. Town Center branches of The Alley.

Of course, we got to try a few of these new dishes. Here were some of the highlights:

International additions to the sushi station

thealley vikings 2

Chef Gene and Chef Gino shared that they wanted to level up the iconic sushi station, so they added colorful rolls inspired by their very own travels—from gochujang-infused Korean rolls to squid ink rolls inspired by Barcelona.

The fresh additions to the sushi station are definitely worth a plate or two.

Lechon baka and bagnet dishes for the carnivores

thealley vikings 5

As a massive meat lover, I definitely enjoyed the new lechon baka that’s served on a sizzling plate with a delicious sauce. It was tender, flavorful, and so juicy.

The Alley also highlighted their bagnet even more with an addition of dishes created with crispy bagnet—including crispy dinuguang bagnet and crispy binagoongang bagnet.

Chefs Gene and Gino also added their own family’s heirloom dish: the calderetang kambing.

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If you’re a certified carnivore, then you’ll be coming back to this station a couple of times for sure.

Seafood and more seafood

thealley vikings 3

We were delighted to know that oysters were back on The Alley’s menu! With that comes additional seafood items such as the Paella Negra, and new sauces to accompany the assorted steamed seafood.

thealley vikings 7

The Alley’s seafood station is surely heaven for anyone who enjoys devouring seafood at buffets.

New original cocktails and desserts

Because we all deserve to have extra fun at buffets, Chef Gene and Chef Gino also added new global-inspired cocktails to the menu. One drink even features a Japanese yogurt drink!

thealley vikings 6

And if you’re one who enjoys the dessert station more than anything, you’ll be delighted to know that new desserts were also added to their roster, including the classic Basque Burnt Cheesecake, a Halo-Halo-inspired cake, and lots of new shot glass desserts.

Fresh new dishes at the freshest buffet in town

We just love how The Alley by Vikings is always giving us something fresh and new, consistently making their buffet concept a one-of-a-kind experience.

Visit The Alley by Vikings at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf and U.P. Town Center for a taste of these 200 delicious new dishes!

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