This Drink from Boa Kitchen + Socials Changes its Taste as the Ice Melts

Words by: Leika Golez
Photos by: Heather Co

There’s nothing quite more comforting than having a classic alcoholic drink. There’s something about its familiarity that makes us feel at ease. But as much as we love classic drinks, discovering new twists to the classics is pretty exciting too!

If you’re thinking similarly, then Boa Kitchen + Socials has your back. Simply named “The Highballs”, this drink at Boa Kitchen + Socials contains Dewar’s White Blended Whisky and Soda Water. The two are served separately, so you can pour as much or as little as you’d like. That way, you get to blend according to your own preferences. But it still sounds pretty standard right now, so let’s just get to the best part about this drink!

BOA Drink 3

The main specialty of this drink is the ice. Mixed in are literal ice balls, which gives a cute play on its name. Not to mention, they’re great for your aesthetic pictures on Instagram. But they’re even better for your palate. These ice balls come in three different flavors, namely cranberry, pineapple, and green tea. All these flavors are also old favorites, but combining different classics to create one new piece seems to be a good solution to overused tastes.

Naturally, the ice will melt, which will cause the drink’s taste to slowly change. It’s described to be a “slow drink”, perfect for casual drinking while chatting with friends on a night out. Note that it’s only P220 so it’s definitely friendly to both your taste buds and your wallet!

Now, you’ll never be bored with the classic Highball, because this fresh take will always keep you guessing. Literally. This drink is constantly changing.

BOA Store 2

That’s the main theme of Boa Kitchen + Socials. The restaurant is always changing, both through the menu and the atmosphere. Though it’s a cozy eatery at lunch, it transforms into something absolutely different at night. With brighter décor and neon lights, it suddenly looks more of a classy and laid back bar.

With that, they also have two separate menus for lunch and for dinner! Think about it, your barkada can eat here for lunch, then you can come back at night for drinks and dinner since it turns into a completely new place. With two menus to choose from, those unnecessarily long and indecisive arguments about not knowing what to eat are lessened.

The dinner menu contains both alcoholic drinks and food. If The Highballs isn’t really your kind of drink, here are others you can try:

BOA Drink 4

BOA Vice (P260) is the perfect refreshment in the summer. The strawberry puree may make it look like your typical sweet frappe from Starbucks, but this contains a good amount of Smirnoff Vodka for that extra kick.

BOA Drink 6

Meanwhile, Purple Potion (P320) is described to be the drink that best represents the restaurant. The gin is blue, but when mixed with the tonic water, the drink turns violet. Definitely something unique to post on your IG story!

BOA Drink 2

For those who prefer fruitier tastes, the Passion Fruit Mojito (P240) is a must-try! The Bacardi Superior Rum is only a subtle aftertaste as it’s mixed in with fresh ingredients such as passion fruit puree, jack fruit, and fresh mint leaves.

BOA Sisig Croquette

Of course, pulutan is also needed. But don’t worry, because the restaurant has really good snacks. We highly recommend the Sisig Croquettes for only P225. These flavor bombs contain creamy sisig, pickled green chili, and toyo-mansi aioli.

BOA Wanton Nachos 2

Another favorite is apparently their bestseller, Wonton Nachos (P245). It’s topped with a bunch of tasty things like pulled teriyaki chicken, sriracha mayo, and cilantro.

Not a big fan of drinking? Thinking of going for lunch instead? No worries. Their lunch menu doesn’t disappoint either. Here are our most-liked choices!

Boa Potato

Their Fried Potatoes, Eggs, and Tomatoes is a refined replacement for your typical fast food French fries. For only P175, it’s a lot more filling and tasty. Again, following that theme of constant change and fresh takes on classic dishes.

BOA Pasta

Another notable item is the Alfredo Pesto Pasta (P285) is a simple yet perfectly balanced dish, with just the right blend of textures and flavors.

BOA Tilapia Salad

They also have diet-friendly options like Crispy Tilapia Salad (P285). We all know it’s rare to find something both delicious and healthy, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Overall, if you’re looking for a different experience, then you should definitely give this restaurant a try. And make sure do it at least twice so you get to experience both lunch and dinner.

Boa Kitchen + Socials is open from 11am to 11pm every day. You can find it at Mezzanine Floor 45 Scout Rallos, corner Scout Tuazon, Quezon City. See you there!

Boa Kitchen + Socials

Mezzanine Floor 45 Scout Rallos, corner Scout Tuazon, Quezon City
Number: 0917 794 4536