This destination is being called ‘the Maldives of the Philippines’

Have you ever wanted to visit a place so badly but know that, at the same time, you would never realistically have the budget to do so? For me, that place was always the Maldives. The island paradise has been a place to tick off in my unlikely bucket list for years — and I’m sure it’s the same with many of you, too. The good news is that while plane tickets to the Maldives may not be getting any cheaper, we are finding closer and cheaper alternatives right here in the Philippines.

maldives of the philippines

Photo courtesy of Adit Azul

Tourists have started calling Juag Lagoon in Matnog, Sorsogon the Maldives of the Philippines. With its serene stretch of white sand and crystal clear blue waters, the destination is a very close dupe to the Maldives. Nearby accommodations even work to replicate the resorts of Maldives, with their elevation on wooden stilts and isolation in the middle of the waters.

Other beaches by the town of Matnog are definitely worth the visit as well. The pinkish white sand beaches and aquamarine waters are a staple known to draw in tourists looking for that perfect summer destination. Tikling Island, in particular, is generally loved — not least because there are no resorts or commercial establishments to overcrowd the beach.

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