This BGC Restaurant Serves Affordable Japanese-Peruvian Rice Bowls!

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue
Photos by Trina Armedilla

Choosing where to eat is always a tough decision. With several restaurants out there, you of course want to find an affordable and unique place to eat at without sacrificing the quality and taste of the food.

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 1

And here I introduce to you Nikkei Nama Bar – a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant. The concept comes from the Japanese who resettled in Peru who then combined Peruvian ingredients with the Japanese style of cooking.

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 20

What’s good about Nikkei Nama Bar are their Rice Bowls. The prices start at P320 and you’re sure to get your money’s worth! The rice bowls aren’t only filling and delicious, they also use Japanese rice and non-processed ingredients for it.

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 13

Blackened Salmon Bowl (P550)

The first bowl we tried is the Blackened Salmon Bowl which has salmon, peanuts, tamago, and some nori tempura. The taste of the salmon is well-balanced and the peppery taste is something you definitely have to try!

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 17

Buta Bowl (P395)

Next, we tried the Buta Bowl. It consists of pork belly charsiu, nori tempura, fried onion, nuts, and a side of egg. The way that the pork tastes in this bowl gives it the burst of flavor that it needs. It’s just right to make it delicious.

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 14

Pollo Saltado Donburi (P320)

Lastly, we had the Pollo Saltado Donburi which was my personal favorite (and also the cheapest bowl!). It had chicken teriyaki, mixed sautéed vegetables, and a side of egg. The way that the vegetables and chicken go together in this dish is what makes it my favorite!

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 11

Tataki Roll (P175)

But rice bowls aren’t just what Nikkei Nama Bar offers, they also have sushi rolls you can choose from. We were able to try two different sushi rolls. The first one was the Tataki Roll which has crab meat, cucumber, avocado, and white fish, and the second one was the Soft Shell Crab Roll which had soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, mango, and sesame seeds.

Nikkei Nama at Bonifacio High Street 9

Soft Shell Crab Roll (P225)

So, if you’re looking for a place that will leave you satisfied, Nikkei Nama Bar is the way to go. With their variety of options, you’ll definitely find something that you like and get a taste of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine!

What are you waiting for? Visit Nikkei Nama Bar at BGC now! 

Nikkei Nama Bar

2/F One Bonifacio High Street, 28th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Instagram: @nikkei_nama_bar
Facebook: Nikkei Nama Bar