This Angus Beef Tapa Is Not Just Delectable–Sales May Help Save A Life

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Need a new breakfast staple in your life? Look no further. Bella’s Angus Beef Tapa is all kinds of delicious–and more. Made with pure angus beef and a ton of love, it’s delicious, mouthwatering, and can make any breakfast feel complete. Eat it with a side of garlic rice or maybe even with a runny egg–doesn’t matter, it goes with everything. 

The first thing I noticed about the tapa was the portion size. It was really quite filling–even for a family!

They really don’t skimp and it definitely shows with how they serve their tapa. Juicy strips of meat packed with so much complex flavor.

Another wonderful thing is that they’re not hard or difficult to chew at all, which often happens when a meat gets cured like tapa does. It’s soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth, and super sarap. Despite the softness, there’s still a hearty bite to it, making it the perfect breakfast.

There are also no preservatives to it, nor any extenders.

It’s just pure, delicious angus beef that’s been cooked with a lot of love.

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You also don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this tapa as it’s PHP 245 for 250 g, which is enough to feed 2-3 people. But really, with how good it is, I think I can eat it all by myself! I would gladly hoard this and refuse to share, tbh. (And I may have done that, actually).

But the most important part? Bella’s Angus Beef Tapa is more than just a family selling a delicious new breakfast staple–it’s actually a fundraising effort! With every purchase, you may just be able to help save a life. Bella, for whom the tapa is named, is a 2-year-old with Billary Atresia, a disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. Bile cannot flow into the intestine so it builds up in the liver and, subsequently, damages it. This disease is incredibly rare and any type of procedure or surgery is extremely expensive.

Two years ago, they had a procedure but it, unfortunately, failed. The family is now looking for help with raising funds in order to afford a liver transplant for Bella, who is looking to get the transplant in India. While they’ve been green-lit for travel there, they still need the funds to pay for the operation.


Despite the failure of the Kasai operation, the family remains to be hopeful and strong, even starting the hashtag #BellaStrong for her. All over their social media are ways to help and photos of their tapa that ultimately come together to save a child’s life. After selling over 500 packs, they still have a bit to go before they reach their goal. So if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast that’ll go to becoming someone’s hero, why not give Bella’s Angus Beef Tapa a try? Not only are you getting something absolutely delectable for yourself, but you’re also forwarding and putting some care and love into a cause.

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You can find more information on their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.
Fb: @BellasAngusBeefTapa
IG: @Bellas_Angus_Beef_Tapa
Stay strong, Bella!