LOOK: This 6-Year-Old Filipino is Already a Published Author

When I was young and really optimistic about my future as a writer, I thought I’d have a book published by the time I was 18; and then I turned 18 so I said, I’d be published by age 25. I’m turning 25-years-old in a little over a month and I still haven’t published anything resembling a book.

Meanwhile, young Jan Alexander Quintos has authored two books at age six! He’s only in kindergarten but he’s on a roll and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping soon. His first book was launched last April and is titled “I am Jan Alexander”. His second book, published just this June, is called “Have You Seen Jacob?” Both books are children’s books targetted towards kids his age.

The illustrations in both books are done by Jan Alexander himself. The 6-year-old and his proud parents, Alex and Ethel, reside in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

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You can watch Jan Alexander’s story here:

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