An Animated Series Based on Stan Lee’s Childhood is in The Works!

There was a Stan Lee shaped hole in the hearts of people who attended the San Diego Comic-Con this year. From creating the Marvel heroes we all know and love today to the endless cameos in the films, Stan Lee has become a fixture in the pop-culture scene and losing him was a great tragedy. Thankfully, his company POW! Entertainment made sure he was commemorated.

They announced that they will be creating a series chronicling his life as a young artist.

amazing stan pow entertainment

Photo from POW! Entertainment

The Amazing Stan will follow the life of young Stan Lee in grade school and will display just how imaginative he’s always been. According to a report by ComicBook.

com, POW! shared that The Amazing Stan will tell the story of young Stan who was a constant dreamer and treated his childhood like “testing ground for adventures” which had a hand in creating his famous characters.

POW! is partnering up with Pure Imagination Studios for this endeavor. They haven’t announced when The Amazing Stan is going to be released yet, but we’ll hopefully hear more news soon.

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Which of Stan Lee’s characters is your favorite?